Donald Osborne

I have included Donald Osborne here for several reasons; but this 'quote' of his is the important reason. He was asked why he goes to Concours. He said, in the Nov.'17 issue of SCM, "For 27 years I have - each time - seen a car I have never seen before or only glimpsed in a fuzzy black-and-white photo." He goes on to express his feelings about that discovery but the thing is I feel the same way. I think that's why many of us to to car shows and eventually Concours.

ECMC Post: Nov. 14, 2017.

Here's the kind of stuff you will find here. This is an MGA I stumbled across on October 31, 2017 in downtown Halifax. More info when I do some research.

ECMC Posts: Nov. 2017.

November 5:
It's time....ECMC on Facebook is going. Today on the ECMC page we directed anyone who has been following or has stumbled upon the page to have a look at this Fotki page and have a look at the photos in the numerous albums. To symbolize that departure I've included a current photo of the GTO departing for the winter.

November 6:
For almost a year now I have had an alter ego, in this case a second Facebook page called ECMC which stands for East Coast Model Cars. Over the years I have collected model kits, diecasts, books, magazines, posters, you know the kind of stuff. But, now the collection is being sold. The page will soon leave here but it continues on at Fotki:
I have had my Fotki page for several years and here you will find all the ECMC related stuff plus photos of 1:1 scale vehicles.

November 9:
This bike has to go. If no comes by to pick up it will be on the curb this Sunday. It's a Brentwood bike, vintage from the 70’s, Canadian made, a restoration project, banana seat high rise handle bars original condition even comes with training wheels.
Currently on Kijiji with the following description:
Brentwood bicycle, vintage, original condition, gold and white, with red & white banana seat, hi rise handlebars with red grips and 12" wheels.(my measurement) comes with original training wheels, ideal restoration project. $25.00 OBO. As of NOW it is free.

Nov. 23:
A new folder created today: Car People and first new album there: Donald Osborne

Car Culture: East Coast; diners and more

Food stops as well as road trip sightings. The bucket list is ongoing; as we cross things off we discover more along the way. US1, the highway down the East coast from Maine to Florida is an example. Montreal area Dairy Queen to be edited.

Vintage Views

Photos of stuff from the era it became available and where it was usual in progress....Nov. 3, 2017

ECMC post no. 47, Aug. 16, 2017

Collecting automobilia leads you in many directions. Some collect car magazines; some tear their favourite ads out of those magazines. Here are some of my favourite ads; these are part of a series of Champion Spark plugs ads from the late 60's and early 70's. Do I wish I had the complete magazines.......

ECMC post no. 46, July 28, 2017

Saw this rod in Springfield MA at the 2015 East Coast Nationals. It reminded me of something in the past. Then I checked out the Black Widow kit. I think that's what I was reminded of....

ECMC post no. 45, June 21, 2017

..been a while since posting here.....I attended the Greenwich Concours June 3rd and 4th. American cars with a Hot Rod class on Saturday and European cars with a special Bugatti class on Sunday. Totally surprised to see Ed Iskendarien's historic hot rod on the field. More photos to come.

ECMC post no.44, May 19, 2017

he Batmobile: one is the original, one is not. George was not helpful, no surprise. Barris Custom City, Oct 15, 2009

ECMC post no. 43, May 10, 2017

We are back posting about how I got started in model cars. We put together a Palmer kit or two but they were frustrating. Then a couple Monogram army vehicles, still have them and you will see them later. Then that 1960 Thunderbird promo got me thinking, but before I built a kit I was fortunate to be given this built 1962 Ford Galaxie. Not sure of the original condition but I do know I turned it into a drag car adding Aurora parts set wheels while still retaining the rolled pans.....oh well...

ECMC post, no. 42, April 27, 2017

Last of the Dinky toys for today....the 1954 issue Army Covered Wagon (truck), no. 623, one tire missing. paint chipped...

ECMC post, no. 41, April 27, 2017

From the same find, here is the Dinky Ford Fordor Sedan, no. 170, low line two tone cream over red, red wheels, first two colour issued in March 1956. play worn, paint is chipped.

ECMC post no. 40, April 27, 2017

People are still finding old toys in their homes. Here is the Dinky Volkswagen, no. 181 first issued in 1956. Chipped blue paint with blue wheels.

ECMC post no. 39, April 27, 2017

A rarity; here is the box art for MPC's RCMP car purchased new as offered in the Sears Wish Book. The kit, issued to celebrate the RCMP's 100th anniversary, s a 1973 Chevrolet Caprice with RCMP decals. The kit has been opened to answer several modellers questions.

ECMC post no. 38, April 20, 2017

Another item off the bucket list. Sure I've had models of the Countach and the Muira but I was never able to purchase a model of the 350GT, the first production Lamborghini, my favourite. So, it was a treat to see the real thing March 13, 2016.

ECMC post no. 37, April 19, 2017

A bit of trivia.....who knows the significance of this side exhaust?
Terry Malley says: I believe the exhaust is on the Dodge Deora and the chrome trimmed piece is a taillight bezel from a 65 Mustang

ECMC post no. 36, April 6, 2017

ECMC posted a new cover photo.
I felt it was time to share some photos of older diecasts. In the photo are a variety of diecasts; unknown at the time, I created a great, time consuming, activity identifying the vehicles.
Most are Dinky, some Corgi and Solido and even a couple Hot Wheels. I have been collecting for over 50 years with a wide ranging interest in vehicles. There are Bugattis to Volkswagons, army trucks to drag trucks and just about everything in between. I have tried to collect significant vehicles, whether it is a Mini or the Goldenrod LSR vehicle or a Dodge truck my Dad used to drive.

ECMC post no. 35, March 6, 2017

Time to share some photos of older built models. I have been building and collecting for over 50 years with a wide ranging interest in vehicles. There are Dusenbergs to Volkswagons, army trucks to drag trucks and just about everything in between. Rarely have my kits been built stock and as I look back I cringe at some of the mods I have made to some now valuable kits. But we did have fun and isn't that the main purpose of this hobby?
Below is a '68 Falcon; something a James Bond wannabe might drive. I can't remember where the Bond type stuff, like the personal jet pack, came from.
Pardon the dust but we are looking at a model built over 45 years ago.

ECMC post no. 34, March 5, 2017

Mopars? This was my second MPC Colour Me Gone funny car kit and I was influenced by an issue of Car Craft magazine. The March 1968 issue introduced us to Dragsters for the Street, soon to become Street freaks. That was all the inspiration I needed to make my funny car for the street.

ECMC post no. 33, March 5, 2016

Oh boy…..this is, or rather was, one of the first model kits I built by myself. Had to be a Palmer or Premier Corvair kit because it had a multi piece body, a real pain to stick together at a young age. The cardboard fin and skirts were my first attempt at customizing. Funny, now rods and customs are some of my favourite vehicles. The kit however is long gone. I believe this was one of those cars we took down to ‘the brook’, sat it on a big rock, covered the car with glue, put a 1” or 2” firecracker under it, lit a match and, from a short distance, watched what happened.

ECMC post no. 32, March 5, 2017

...always liked Model Car Science as an alternative to Car Model. Probably my favourite series of articles were the "How-To Build" a replica of a famous full size rod, custom or race car....but....then there was Rod and Custom Models magazine..... for awhile anyway.

ECMC post no. 31, March 5, 2017

.not a recent build; I have to credit my Dad for the paint and assembly in the late 50's. This is the Cunningham (C1) Sports Car, Aurora model kit no. 515-49 from 1958. No box just a nice kit I still have along with lots of good memories. He set an example I tried to follow in years to come; be patient, have all you need at hand and regardless of how frustrating some parts are, enjoy what you are doing.

ECMC Post no. 30, March 5, 2017

...a continuation from the Box Art group Facebook's photos of the '63 Chevy II "crew wagon" from 1969 (kit T-308) built as a E Modified Production drag class entrant from 1969....

ECMC post no 29, Feb. 16, 2017

I’m into all sorts of full size and model cars so not on here regularly but will try to add some interesting items off and on.
There will be no new stuff posted on this page; I've been in the hobby building and collecting kits among other things since the late 50's.
Here's some photos of the '32 Ford (Tudor) Sedan & '40 Willys Show 'N' Go double kit. AMT T-1-532 or 2532, second issue I believe, my notes say 1964. Both kits have been built and the box is gone.

ECMC post no 28, Feb 16 '17

In the center of the photo you can see the 1965 Street Sleeper GTO. Issued in 1967 the 65 GTO, 34-Ford Pick-up, 55 Nomad, 57 T-Bird, 57 Chevy and the 32 Ford Victoria were all issued as Elegance kits.(flat box) Molded in color, tinted glass, and came with a spray can of Metallic Lustre paint. Kits were in the $3.00 range

ECMC post no. 26, Feb 16, 2017

Nice to see the Tyrrell six-wheeler...used to have two of the Matchbox 1:32 scale kits, PK-309, issued in 1977. I intended to build a race team....

ECMC post no. 27, Feb. 16, 2017

To build a Tyrrell race team you needed a transporter and Entex producd one in 1977. The 1:32 scale Elf Team Tyrrell Transporter was based on the Ford C-800 Van, the transporter is kit no. 9102.

ECMC post no. 25, Feb. 16, 2017

reat artwork...below is the kit box in colour...from 1965: IMC kit no. 107