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On the journey towards becoming natural again and finally appreciating my hair in it's natural state. It's been a lot of work managing and caring for my hair over the years, as I've experimented with every hair styling technique you could think of :relaxers, texturizers, weaves, extensions etc.etc.

I've finally gotten to the point where I'm completely fed up of keeping up with the latest hair trends and the ongoing, tiresome effort to maintain my hair.

I'm totally embracing the "natural me" and plan to see where the journey leads me....

Current Hair-care Regimen:
So I've been doing quite a bit of research on natural hair care methods, and adopted a handful of techniques that seem to be working quite well for my hair. Here's an idea of what I do:

1. I Prepoo my hair every week, usually Saturdays with a hot-oil treatment using homemade products such as Coconut oil and Olive oil (I use about a tsp of each, heat in the microwave, apply to my hair and scalp and wear a baggy overnight).

2. Deep-conditioning is a must for me every week. After I prepoo my hair, I wash it out using the co-wash method, and apply deep-conditioner and wear a baggy on my head for about a half-hour, then wash it out. I apply leave-in-conditioner afterwards then moisturize.

3. I Clarify my hair once a month using Apple Cider Vinegar. Before I do this, I follow step 1, then deep condition my hair. The solution I use calls for 1 Tbsp of Vinegar and 1 cup of water.

4. I haven't mastered the art of moisturizing as of yet, but I currently use 100% Shea Butter to moisturize my hair every night, then use Castor oil to seal it in.

5 I always tie a silk/satin scarf on my head before I go to bed.

Products I use:
*100% Shea Butter (To Moisturize)
*Castor Oil (To lock in moisture in my hair)
*Suave Conditioner (I use this to co-wash my hair)
*Creme of Nature Conditioner (use this to deep-condition)
*Coconut Oil (part of prepoo)
*Olive Oil (part of prepoo)
*Apple Cider Vinegar (use this to clarify my hair)
*Honey (use this to deep-condition)

I try to keep the products I use to a minimun and it seems to be working for my hair.

Tips for Hair-care:
*A tip that I've recently learned with my own hair is to never, ever, ever, leave your braid-outs for more than one day. I had to learn the hard way having left my braid-outs out for up to a week long only to realize when wash time came along, that it was damn near impossible to due all the knots I had in my hair. If it's too much of a hassle to have to keep on braiding your hair every night, then find some way to pack your hair before you tie it up at night so you don't get knots in your hair.

*Dealing with hair knots ~what has worked for me is moisturizing with my daily sprtiz once a day (usually before bed), and that's before I braid-or twist my hair. I also use Shea butter for extra moisture and coconut oil to seal my ends.

*For slow growth area's use an active stimulator of some sort. For me, I 100% swear by Dr. Miracle's Hot Grow hair and scalp treatment (lol). Even though I haven't been able to locate an ingredient list for the product, this product has truly worked for me over the last 6 years in growing out slow growth areas such as my sides and nape. I believe peppermint Essential oil does the same trick.

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