Miss Piff

Miss Piff is my first teenager. Can you say THICK HAIR! She is quite tender headed but was a champ! after her install there wasn't a part to be found. Piff has 4.5 inches of hair. New pictures to come shortly

Ms Sandra

Ms Sandra was so pleased with her locks. You probably would not believe that I locked her hair completely down to the ends, but I did. Her locks has the appearance of micro braids with permed ends, but she is perm-free. Her locks were curled on soft spikes and and played with for this loosely curled look. Ms Sandra's smile lite up my room, although my camera's lighting is clearly on the blink!

Ms Terry

Ms Terry has 1.5 to 2.5 inches of hair with perm on the ends. As you can see the back (nape) is very short, but I was able to lock it. Ms Terrry is premature gray and loves her beautiful salt & pepper hair. After locking, I used perm rods to curl her locks.
Ms Terry just celebrated her 1 yr anniversary. Her locks has definitely grown.

Ms Kim P.

Ms Kim was an existing SL client that transferred over to my care. In these pictures she had her SL's for 4 months. In the next set of pictures, is Ms Kim at 11 months locked.

Ms Phelisa

Ms Phelisa just had her locks installed. I then 2 strand twist her locks and rolled with pipe cleaners. Each day her the curls will loosen up. The next 4 pics are of Ms Phelisa after her 2nd retight. She has beautiful dark, dense hair that shows growth already.

Ms Twila

Ms Twila has about 3 inches of natural hair with perm on the very ends. Although her hair is short in length it is dense. After the install I braided and rolled with softspikes. On Ms T's 1st retight, I rolled her locks with small perm rods to acheive this curly look, over the next few days the curls will loosen up. The next set of pictures, Twila has been locked about 4 months; notice how her locks have grown. I did a 2 strand twist w/bantu knots, sat her under the dryer and this is the results. Ms Twila's 5th or 6th retight, look at the fullness and growth! Her locks are now 6 inches. To achieve this look, I again did the bantu knots and sat under dryer. Next I would like to try the pipe cleaners.

Ms Ramona

Ms Ramona has 4 to 5 inches of natural hair. After her installation, I did a 2-strand twist with her locks, rolled loosely with soft spike curlers, placed her under the dryer for 15-20 mins and then finger combed her locks. She was quite pleased with the outcome
and surprised that she could barely see any parts.
Ms Ramona recently had her 1yr anniversary and she decided to celebrate with color. Her locks are still full and has grown.

Ms San

Ms San has a bubbly personality and I love her laugh. she is the epitome of self love! She loves her locks and is excited about taking the journey. She has 3 inches of natural hair, it took one day to install her locks. Her locks were curled on perm rods, currently she is sporting a free style look, pictures to follow shortly.

Ms Katherine

Ms Katherine has a long curl pattern and 12 inches of natural hair. It took 2.5 days to lock her hair. As you can see due to the long curl pattern, she has several inches of coils.
Her locks are coming along nicely but will still take time to lock. She is relocating and i will miss her beautiful smile!