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As you'll see from all my pics,I am a car nut.My first hobby is building model cars followed by taking photos from various car shows I love attending.Hot Rods and Customs are my favorite type of show cars,which is what I also like building models of.

I worked in traffic safety on highways,county roads and city streets(in other words I was the one who set up lane closures and closed roads) for 20 years and worked in manufacturing making key switches for companies like Polaris,John Deere,New Holland,JLG,Genie,Bombardier for 15 years until the plant closed and moved operations.I am now a driver/driver coordinator for one of the major car dealerships here in town.

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Friday, September 1, 2006
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I never drink
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$60,000 - $75,000
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drag racing,building model cars,going to as many car shows as I can,model railroading,photography
major league baseball,college football and college basketball
metal,classic country,bluegrass,rockabilly,oldies,classic rock,progressive rock
American Graffiti,Easy Rider,California Kid,Hollywood Knights,Psycho,The Birds,any Clint Eastwood movie
Detroit Muscle,Graveyard Cars,Bitchin' Rides,Gearz,My Classic Car,Counts Kustoms,Overhaulin',Family Guy,American Pickers,Seinfeld,Diners,Drive-ins and Dives
my wife,my deceased father, my loving mother and brother and Lou Gerhig,Walter Payton and Men & Women who serve and have served my country
no books,but I do have an extensive library of automobile and model car related magazines
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