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UPDATE: June 21, 2010
Alright you guys, here I am almost 2 &1/2 years into my hair journey. In the start of this journey, I knew absolutely nothing about how to care for my hair. I used to depend on other people to braid and manage my hair until I found youtube and realized that I could take care of my hair myself. So much of what I now know about hair (caring, maintaning, styling) is because of all those women on youtube making those videos. Now I feel its my turn to give back to the natural community. I want to offer whatever help I can, no matter how small or miniscule it may be. If I help at least one person or inspire just one person to go natural I will be happy. Anyways, I'm on youtube now ). Let me know what kinds of videos you think I should do and what you want to see!!!

My name is Narada (its a Hindi name, and yes, its a boy name). I've have been growing my hair out naturally since April of 2008 and I LOVE it! All of my life my mom made me keep my hair cut low in a low fade and I hated it, I always wanted to grow my hair out. I have always had an interest in hair every since I was young boy; I would sneak into my sister's room when no one was home and take all of her dolls and style their hair. I had to keep it on the DL because my mother would not have approved of me playing in hair (she's extremely homophobic). I suppose that is how I first began to learn how to style hair. Everything that I know is self taught and I pride myself in doing all of my own hairstyles. My specialty is two-strand flat twists, which i wear 80% of the time. Growing my hair out has been a long and arduous journey. I have learned a lot about my hair and how to care for it, and even now, I am still learning everyday about my hair. I first began growing my hair out with the intentions of relaxing it, but after hearing about all the negatives of relaxing I have decided that I am going to remain natural. There is so much you can do with natural hair and straight hair seems really boring to me now lol. I will continue to experiment with my hair and find more fun and cute things to do with it. I hope to inspire other naturals and also be inspired to try their hairstyles. Its a learning process for all of us so lets work with each other to make the journey easier.

I am currently a college student at Georgia State University in Atlanta. I am aspiring to become a computer programmer. I also hope to be a cellist when I am older as a side profession. I like to play video games (mainly RPGs), play tennis, and play the cello.
UPDATE: September 12, 2009

Well much has happened since I first began my Fotki page and I felt that I should update you on recent and current events. I have recently noticed more fullness and length with my fros and puffs. So my hair is really growing, just at a really, really slow pace. As far as hairstyles go, I'm still trying new and creative things to do with my flat twists. I have recently bought a beader, so I have been playing around with beads and using them more in my hairstyles but in a more innovative and creative way (I'll have more pictures coming soon).
One thing that I have struggled with starting school and beginning my part-time job as an elementary school tutor, is my gender-identity issues with my hair. Now of course, I am a male, but I don't exactly fit the black male stereotype. I try to keep my styles as androgynous as possible if not slightly on the feminine side. It is becoming harder and harder to limit myself in this tiny box and I just feel like there is so much more that I could do with my hair, but because of my job I have to hold back to maintain my professionalism. I really want to experiement with extensions but I will have to wait until school lets out for winter break.....

UPDATE: May 15, 2010

I am now 2 years+ into my natural hair journey and I am so happy with the progress and overall health of my hair. However, I feel that it is important for me to state the goal/purpose of growing my hair. As I'm sure all of you have noticed, there are not a lot of Black men who choose to wear their natural hair out. Many black men today only grow their hair natural in order to get locs or cornrows. Though, I have nothing against those who choose to style their hair this way, I feel that society limits Black men and their hair to cornrows and locs. I want to challenge society's views on black men and their hair and redefine what it means to be a Natural Afrikan Male! I also want to help Black women to see the beauty of their natural hair. I want to prove to them that natural hair embodies individualism and emphasizes each of our differences. Though my family does not understand this and would much rather I'd cut my hair off to conform with the rest of society, the support of all of you natural ladies keeps me motivated to continue in my journey. Thank you all of you!!!!!

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