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I am the mother of three wonderful sons who are the light of my life. I was a 9th Grade English teacher before I got sick. I am now a seven year survivor of breast cancer....the cancer didn't kill me but the reconstructive surgery is trying its best :)
I love trying to make sigs in PSP...I am not very good at it but I keep on trying. I love my PSP groups on Yahoo--the friendships I made, my love of PSP, and of online gaming, kept me alive during the bleakest hours. I also love playing with Photoshop and am beginning to learn Daz and Poser.
I love playing online games...such as WOW and EQ2...I have 8 lvl 80s in WOW: my main is a lvl 80 pally named Diesalot and I also have 3 other lvl 80 pallies, 3 lvl 80 DKs and one lvl 80 hunter (6 of them are horde and only two alliance). I also have 9 characters between 70-75,
two in their 60s, 6 in their 50s, one 42, 3 in their 30s, 16 in their 20s, and 19 between lvl 1 and 19. I play on several different servers with friends I have known a long time...some more than 11 years...the main servers I play on are Shadow Council which is a Role Playing server and two PVP servers Dark Iron and Azgalor (where my oldest son plays) and Eonar which is a regular server. I have found that how a person plays a game tells you a lot about how they are in real life.....if they are helpful and caring, you can bet they are the same in the real world..........and if they are a jerk...well need I say more? Playing WOW has helped me to cope with the realities of life and survive things that would have killed me in earlier stages of my life.

I also love collecting recipes..and cooking although my oldest son does most of the cooking now. I am an avid reader....reading mostly computer books, recipe books, and novels--I love fantasy, sci-fi and mysteries as well as romantic trash.

Other than my sons, my family consists of the wonderful people I met on the web who have been there for me through everything.

The photo is a tag I made :)
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Thursday, August 18, 2005
Female gender
English, Spanish
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Light (social) drinker
Proud parent
College graduate
heinz 57: American Indian, Scottish, Irish, German, and French blend
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Taller than average
Christian - other
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PSPWorld of Warcraft (WOW), Everquest, Everquest 2, Guild Wars, Diablo 2....and other MMORPGs
all kinds but especially Metallica
love comedy, drama, fantasy, mystery...not too keen on horror flicks
love the CSI's, NCIS, Law and Order, British Comedy, Two and 1/2 Men, Ugly Betty...etc
my best friend who died last year of cancer...even though he was really very young...he was the kindest most giving person I ever met.
Mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi, romantic trash........almost any well written fiction
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