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Year 2008.

Every so often I discover a new person that sends my pulse racing. Usually this occurs as a product of spectacular personal style or sudden playful interview in Vogue. One discovery set itself apart: Isabella Blow. A women without fear. She once wrote about her personal style: "I am an individualist. Being individualist is a very lonely place to be". Reading numerous articles on the life of the divine Isa, hundreds of interviews with her friends and her personal memoirs, I have found my mind left feeling light, happy, excited and ,more importantly, liberating. Bright palette is no longer off limits for me and feeling always overdressed is no longer an issue. I simply don't care about setting myself apart from the crowd of jeans,t-shirts and boring sweaters.I have found myself hopelessly in love with fantastic shades of bright orange and deep purple by Lanvin and deep red by Valentino. I think I finally fully understand what a luxury it is to allow yourself be yourself. And how wonderful it feels to allow this luxury in your life. Oh, yes, I am vain!
My final year at my School is promising to be super exciting. Instead of taking an internship with on of the New York based companies, I have decided to face my fears and chase my dream, once again. In the late February I am leaving to London, England, to undergo apprenticeship with one of the oldest and most respected names in the field of Millinery Arts (the result of my relentless attack via letters and phone calls to the Lady who, for the past 40 years, made hats for the Queen Mother herself). I believe, every country has its talents, and for the British, these include dissecting the delicate flavors of tea, making love after lunch and designing fabulous hats. Besides Great Britain, I am looking forward to traveling to Italy where I hope to visit legendary Teatro alla Scala and Moscow where, according to my mother, i MUST see production of " Naked Pioneer" ("Golaya Pionerka") in one of my old time favorites Lenkom Theater .I am also looking forward to many events in my beloved New York which I ,of course,will share with you. Have a wonderful time everyone and happy year to all of you!

With much love,

Year 2007.

I was incredibly blessed in my life. I was blessed with having wonderful friends around me and for that I will always be grateful. I believe in kindness and ability to forgive, I believe in compassion and generosity of spirit . One amazing artist, by the name of James Philip Pegg, I came to admire a while ago, said: "Kindness is just about the nicest thing there is. It is the principle of friendship and the essence of love."

Being an incredibly visual person ever since I can remember, I have been blessed with ability to explore my passion freely and devote a large part of my life to mastering my skills in fashion design. Coming from Eastern Europe, which was not exactly a fashion center, I remember for the first time laying my eyes on the gowns by Oscar de la Renta at one of the boutiques and exhibitions in New York. That was the beginning of my love affair with Fashion and Style. New York was unexplored territory and I fell in love with it. There I met the love of my life, who, fortunately for me, became my husband whom I absolutely adore... And so I breath Fashion.

Gabrielle Chanel once said "Fashion, you see, goes out of fashion. Style never does". I believe that the sense of Style is a gift which can never be learned. I do not believe in cheap shoes, replicas and fakes, as well as revealing, vulgar outfits. What you wear is how you present yourself to the world and people around you. Mystery is a key. I love to give gifts to people. I am a great believer in etiquette and believe that the gift you give is, first and foremost, the reflection of how much you respect yourself. I believe that one can not be stylish by choice because Style is absolute - you either live your life with the sense of Style in everything you do, either you don't. I adore black but get equally inspired by vibrant colors. Despite this fact, the last dress I've made, was done in luxurious black silk in combination with finest Italian lace with just a touch of dusty pink and I have to admit, that my dear friend and muse Ira looked absolutely magnificent in it. Please, refer to "Making Of The Dress" Album

In conclusion, I would like to say that Art is ever present in my life. I enjoy every aspect of it and take a great delight in discovering new dimensions. I have recently became a Donor Member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art . I am looking forward to many upcoming events this year and will, most certainly, share my every wonderful experience with you.

With much love,
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