Land Between the Lakes with Friends

Than Lu, Katherine Kirwan, and I spent the day at LBL, where we met up with Sheila Hauck, Dana Schroeder, Candy Moody and Andrea Kappler.


Luke Thorbecke married the lovely Ashlee Stillwell, on September 16, 2017, at Francisco General Bapist Church.

2015 Elk Rut at Elk & Bison Prairie in LBL

In September and October Elk begin “bugling”—their mating call. Elk also rub the velvet from their antlers to prepare for mating season. Watch for trees that have been rubbed bare of bark; a sign that an animal polished its antlers..

Lincoln Funeral Train

The Leviathan Steam Engine and the Lincoln Funeral Car were at the Bluegrass Railroad Museum, this weekend.

Zach & Mari Lyn Clark

Zach Clark and Mari Lynn Prados were Wed on October 26, 2013.

Run For The Wall

Run For The Wall recognizes the sacrifices and contributions made by all veterans who have served our nation. Veterans of recent conflicts and those currently on active duty are especially welcome to join us as we ride for those who cannot.
Mission Statement: To promote healing among ALL veterans and their families and friends, to call for an accounting of all Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action (POW/MIA), to honor the memory of those Killed in Action (KIA) from all wars, and to support our military personnel all over the world.

Philosophy: We strive to maintain a safe, supportive and private atmosphere in which all participants can reflect and heal on their journey to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. in the hope that they can return home to a new beginning.


To guide the participants across America.
To educate future generations as to the importance of accountability in wartime actions emphasizing that no one should be left behind.