I no longer have the time to do requests, so please don't ask as your requests will be ignored .... :-(

All these tags i have made myself and may be snagged for your own personal use. You may add your own name to them, but please don't alter or change them in any other way or remove or alter my watermark or change the tag's filename in any way ... Thank-you.

I am willing to consider my Tags being used in BBW or Tag Groups, to be offered as sig requests for your members.On the proviso that you email me first to request my permission to do so, and that if you do wish to add your own recognition of personalising my tag for someone else, that you may only add the words "personalised by ?" (name of person who adds the name to the tag) .... and that the size of the text is no larger than that of the Les Toil Copyright on the tag that you are personalising, and that it be placed along one of the edges of the tag as is the Les Toil Copyright. So as not to take away from my own creativity or deface the tag anymore than is already done so by my watermark and artists copyright.

You may email me at to request to use my tags in this way, but please make sure that in the header of the email you put " Request To Use Your Tags" ..... otherwise your email may go unoticed and be disregarded.


Love Misty xXx

P.S. I would appreciate it if you could send me a sample of how my tag will look once you have personalised it and added your own recognition to it, just so that i can give you the go ahead
I shall also be sharing other tags that have been offered as snag tags in some of the groups i am a member of and on the internet ... again please don't remove or alter the taggers watermark or change the filename of the tag.



If You Are Interested in Using the Art in My Gallery!
Any art bearing the Les Toil name and logo means that creation is owned by me and/or the women who commissioned me to draw them. If you would like to use the art to create email signatures and other non-profit non-commercial graphic endeavors for the internet, please feel free to do so. All that's requested is proper crediting of the Les Toil name and site somewhere within your group or website. If you have any other purpose in mind for the existing art on this site, please contact me. Thanks very much!

Les Toil

Please feel free to cut & paste this onto your artists' permission page.

LINK ...to the official Les Toil Big, Beautiful Pin-Up Gallery:-

To Add your name to the Sig Tags you will need a copy of
Paint Shop Pro with Animation Shop 7.04

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