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Hi ladies,

Thanks for stopping to visit my page. I am a member of BHM as well as a constant lurker of LHCF. It was through those sites that I came to discover Fotkis!

In 2008 my 3rd quarter goal is to reach APL. And right now my regi is about 70% Ayurvedic, and consists of:

Friday night:
Amla oiling for 2 hours
Followed by the Amla/ shikakai ration reccommended by CandyC
Then lots of conditioner to rinse out the "grits"
DC under the dryer for 45 min with an ORS pack or Mane N Tail w/ peppermint and rosemary oil that I add
And finally the night is finished with a roller set.

UltranNourish hair/ Silica/ Biotin/ Super B complex/ Omega 3/ Flaxseed/ Multivitamin/ MSM

This regi will continue to develop as I continue to learn!


Currently scaling back on the Ayurvedic hair care. On the prowl for Keracare to start a KISS regimine. With the Summer months approaching the last thing that I want to do is spend time cooped up in the bathroom applying cremes and potions to my hair. My mission is to cowash 2-3 times/ wk. And wash/ deep condition once/ wk. Considering half wigs as an option until the weather gets too hot!

Fall update****
My hair is in a bun 95% of the time. The weather in Boston is unseasonably cold right now, so I'm washing 1x wk and cowashing 1x wk and wet bunning and night and applying the scarf method for straightening overnight. At night and in the morning before bunning I moisturize with Keracare or Cantu shea butter and a few times a week seal with coconut oil. I totally cut out the vitamins except for my children's chewable vitamins, grew tired of the pill popping. Testing this simple KISS regi until December. At that time I will evaluate my progress and put together a new plan for the Winter regi. Last touchup was in August, 08 and the next one will be in January or February, as time progresses I will see how my hair handles the stretch.

Please leave me lots o' comments!
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