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Current interests include gardening, gardening and more gardening. I also love traveling to Asia when time permits. I love experiencing different cultures and learning to appreciate the differences. Through these experiences I have learned things about myself, some amaze, frighten, disgust me but through these things I hope I have grown and become a slightly better human being.

Other interests past and present include hiking/trekking, telemark skiing, old timey music, horses, my wonderful dog, Gurdjieff, photography, art and design. Last but not least friends and family who shall remain anonymous.

Some of my favorite authors are Edward Abbey, John Steinbeck, Haruki Murakami, Robertson Davies, and Eric Hansen.

I appreciate all music but especially enjoy traditional ethnic music from all countries!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Female gender
English and a little Spanish
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29 days ago

I ll stay at Fotki with all my friends!!!
2 months ago

Just passing by :)

3 months ago

:-) Have a very wonderful CHRISTmas this season and I wish you all the best always and I thank you f ...
11 months ago

Happy Easter Mary, hope you are enjoying springtime!
1 year 7 months ago
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