Press Photos

Feel free to use these photos in your publication. Thank you for thinking of us.

Chelsea & Robbie

Wedding reception aboard the Lantern Queen Riverboat

Megan & Ryan Connors

Megan Trump & Ryan Connors wedding at Trinity Lutheran Church and the Lantern Queen Riverboat.

Hoffman - McDonough Wedding

Frank & Katie's wedding aboard the Lantern Queen Riverboat.

Susquehanna Bridge Opening 6/25/11

The Susquehanna Amtrak bridge is rarely opened. Today, during a Lantern Queen Riverboat wedding, the bridge was opened to permit a barge and two tugs carrying a new transformer for the Peach Bottom Power Plant to pass under the bridge on it's way to the Vulcan Quarry and on north via public roads.

Batson-Newtown Wedding

Kari & Randy were married in Havre de Grace, at the Spencer-Silver Mansion. Immediately after the ceremony, the happy couple and their guests boarded the Lantern Queen Riverboat for a reception cruise. Best Wishes to the happy couple.


Bringing the Lantern Queen back to Havre de Grace where she belongs. Carroll & Becky's maiden voyage. Granddaughter Katherine was along for the ride!

Tom's B-Day March 15, 2008

Tom Eikenburg's 60th Birthday! Great party! And Tom got to cook all the food for his own party! :-)