Headscarves! (AKA: Tichels)

My new way to PS (Protective Style). I watched a video by Andrea Grinberg approximately 4 weeks ago on a demonstration on how to tie a tichel (Jewish headscarf) and haven't looked back since. I love, love, love my headscarves. Not only do they cover a bad hair day or a day when I'm not feeling my gray but they protect my strands from the elements in a gentle way and in a way that allows me to get to my scalp still all day and everyday. Until I saw and tried the Jewish-style for tying on a tichel or headscarf, I never looked right with a headscarf. I felt like I looked like a maid or bygone year slave with some of the other styles I tried for tying on a headscarf. Now thanks to willingness to dip my toe into another's culture and style for tying a headscarf that was willing to share, I have found my groove with this and will never, ever stop. These scarves are a permanent part of my arsenal for my hair care journey and I'm so glad I became aware of the option. :)

Length and Texture Shots

Pics that showcase my natural texture and length.