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Here is my current regimen (updated Feb. 26th, 2007):

1) I take 2 GNC HSN vits daily and Biotin 5000mcg daily. I also take a B-complex.

2) Cowash every night, sometimes every three days now since the weather has gotten much cooler.

3) I wash my hair with Creme of Nature shampoo maybe once a week. I deep condition sometimes with Lustrasilk Cholestorol. My leave-in is Infusium 23 (brown and white bottle). I also have Aphogee Pro-vitamin leave-in

4) Use the "baggie method" about four times a week, using BB Oil Moisturizer w/ Aloe and Castor oil or a glycerin/water mix to moisturize and Castor oil or Coconut oil to seal. I also use a EVOO/Castor Oil/Peppermint Oil Mix to lubricate my scalp every few days.

5) I heat products on my hair every other week, except on special occasions or when I am in a rush and need my hair to be dry. I always use a heat protectant first though. Fantasia IC Straightening serum is a very good one, I also have Nexxus heat Protexx but I dont really like that one. I'm trying not to use a brush as often.

6) I only wear protective styles (except for special occasions), ranging from a halfwig to a sew-in, but usually phony ponies, buns, braids.

7) As far as growth aids, I use Surge when I can find it. I was using it in April and May, and while I had my micros in. I really hope they start selling it again.

Anything else, feel free to ask! :-)
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