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Just starting to LOVE my hair.. Ive been wearing weaves so long, i forgot what my REAL hair looks like. I started my fotki to document my hair journey.. Im a memeber of LHCF The BEST site for black hair.. I finallly found out that YES, African Amercian women can have LONG REAL hair..

My hair is 4a, tightly coil- Size of a coffee straw, fine stands medium density.

I just started my journey on 10/09 cbl
2/10 b/w - Sl/Apl
1st goal - APL 10/10? (Made it: 8/ 2010)
2nd goal - BSL ?
3rd goal - WL- ?

10/09 My current reggie is: half wig protectant style.
co wash weekly
clarify w/ acv & BS monthly
D/C weekly
prepoo/ hot oil treatment weekly.
Moisturize daily and seal w/ coconut, vatika oil, amla and evoo oils
Hiding my hair until 3/15/11- My B-day

2/24/10 Update-- Im starting to baggy whole head every night. -I spray my ends w/ water and seal w/ coconut oil and evoo
I braid my hair in individuals braids and wear my satin cap under my half wig to protect ends during the day.

3/15/10: As of now. I still do above regime
My products are:
Co washes- Suave Humectant and Creme of Nature Moistrising Cond
Deep cond- above condictioner's and/or NTM daily condictioner mixed w/ oil and honey
Protein - Motions cpr(love it), Aphogee 2 step( hardcore)
Clarify- ACV rinse
Moisturizers- Water, water mixed w/ glycerin
Leave in- NTM silk touch (love it- I also use as moisturizer) "I tried HE long term- didnt like, No slip for my hair"
Oils- Coconut and Evoo
**Started using Castor oil on 3-13-10

UPDATE/ 9/29/2010 I texlaxed 5/2010 (Leaving relaxer on 1/2 the time) (Still using same products)
I no longer use 1/2 wig protective style. I wear my hair all the time, Unless im going to vaca- i put a weave in
I only co-wash 1-2x a week now. Baggy as needed.
I no longer wash in braids- I pre-part in 4 sections and wash and detangle in shower (by sections)
I moisturize and seal daily
deep cond weekly and poo every 2-3 weeks.
pre-poo- Honey and hot oil treatments overnight
Still LOW manipulation- Only combing on wash days.

Update- 7/8/2011
WOW,, I cant believe its been over 1 1/2 years on my hair journey.
I am still going strong..retaining length
I have simplified my reggie even more
Prepoo over night
BS wash 1x per week
D/C weekly- Protein/moisture balance
Co- wash as needed- 3/4 times per week
moisturize and seal daily
Protective style 95% of the time
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Thursday, December 3, 2009
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