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((July 2010: ****ATTENTION: the following info is OLD. LOL. . . . will be updating soon... . (hopefully)) . .. new pix and products coming soon. . ..))

100% Nappy as of 10/28/05!

Ok, I feel so bad that I haven't answered any questions about my "hair regimen" . ...I don't keep up w/ my fotki so you guys have to forgive me. As you can see, I have BIG hair. . . . LOTS of hair. . . of course most would inquire about my "regimen". . . . everyone wants to know the "BIG SECRET". .. . .. . but to answer everyone's questions about it. . . ... I DON'T HAVE ONE! lol. . ..
No, seriously, real talk. . .. I am EXTREMELY lazy when it comes to taking care of my hair. The secret behind the "length" is just straight up "low manipulation". . . .. 95.8% of the time, my hair is PLAITED UP. I rarely wear my hair out. . . ..(only for special events/occasions, IF that). . .. I wear my plaits in public (a lot of ppl say that they wouldn't dare do that, but I happen to LOVE my plaits . ..aka my "Ms. Sealy's"). I guess the reason for that is that I have so MUCH hair, (very dense), and the line of work I'm in, I can't wear my hair out like how you see in the pix. So instead of taking my plaits out when I'm off of work, and having to braid it up again for work, I just wear the plaits, ALL THE TIME. I re-plait it when I wash my hair.. . ... and I let it air-dry like that.

I don't really use any "fancy" shampoos & conditioners or leave-ins. . . . . . most of the time I use whatever is laying around. . .. but I usually use the inexpensive shampoos like v05. . ..BUT I DO swear by Qhemet Biologics products. . .. they're the BOMB. . ..they don't sell the "olive detangler" anymore, that was the best conditioner I've ever used. . .. so if I ever did have a "secret" to my hair. . . that was it. LOL. . ..but all their products are really good.

Um, what else.. . .. I guess another "secret" would be that I NEVERRRRRRR put heat on my hair, (well I actually blow dried my hair a grand total of TWICE since goin' napptural 3 years ago). . .. I always air dry. . ..

And that's really it. . .. no special products, no special techniques. . ..just little to no manipulation and my plaits which is definitely a protective style.

I browse ppl's fotki's every once in a while, and trust me, your routines and regimens are a lot more on point than mine! lol. . ..
I'm always taking notes, and I do learn A LOT from browsing everyone else's albums. . . . . .. . .. I just wish i wasn't TOO LAZY to try out those regimens. lol. . ..

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