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If you really wanna know...check me out and you will know the story!

Hello everyone, it's good to be alive in 2009! God is still in the BLESSING business, I don't care what the government and economists forecast! God will keep his people, as long as we put him first!

I miss you all dearly...It's been a long time, and I have been so unfaithful to the fotki constituency lol...But, my life, job, and relationships are all in order, and guess what? Janine is back on the bandwagon! :-) I still (heart) my hair! So...that in mind, be patient as I get my albums and pics in order...til then I will be checkin in with you all! I love you, God bless.
Now, back to my hair story...
People keep asking me when did I relax/stop relaxing: CADDYQUEEN IS NOT TRANSITIONING! lol! All the terrible damage you see in my December 2007 album is due to heat (flat-ironing) back in April and May of 2007. Prior to, as you can see in my previous albums , I had thick, even-curled hair all throughout my head. Since I noticed the damaged, I have been aphogee-ing since. My hair has improved TREMENDOUSLY and I am grateful to my girl Chicoro <<check out her albums!!!

I started 2008 off with braids, and I am ready to reveal mid-back length hair come May 2008!!! After I do a length check, I will be hiding my hair again in braids throughout the remainder of the summer, til I come out again in September.

This year is the year for waist-length healthy hair! Can't wait!

Daily maintenance: Will be posting in "My Journals" section. Broken down by Curly, straight, and braided.

That's all for now folks! Make sure if you're just getting to know me, add me as your friend, and if you've already been following my journey, THANKS for you encouragement, and positive commentary! God Bless you.
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Saturday, February 9, 2008
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Learning other people's cultures, trying to be more open-minded, exercising my FAITH more often, letting God have his way in my life.
Love volleyball; love my 49ers!
R&B and soul, gospel, some country.
Silence of the Lambs, John Q, The Great Debaters, Identity, The Green Mile
Law&Order: CI, Law&Order SVU, American Idol, Canterbury's Law
My mom and dad, brother and sister, my godfather Bishop James Knox Sr., D.D.
John Grisham novels
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