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I decided to embark on this natural hair journey because my relaxed was starting to take a turn for the worse. I wanted healthy, easy to manage long hair without having to worry about breakage. I don't color my hair in any way because God gave me a color to his likings which happens to be where my birth marks lays. I have dark brown/black hair with a natural white streak like Rogue from X-Men.

My Hair Type:

My Birthmark Patch which is the front portion of my head/hair is a Type 2c which is a defined loopy "S" pattern that lies flat. When it is wet it straightens out but reverts back to medium waves once dryed. It also doesn't hold the twist well at all.

The rest of my head is Type 3c which is a combonation of 3b & 4a hair. Type 3c has tightly curly look & may look slightly kinky. It is hair with tight curls in corkscrews & the curls can be either kinky or very tightly curled with lots of strands densely packed together, but also known as "big hair"!

It is also thick and Cottony in the front section & spongy in the back.

That's pretty much it i think. I try to keep it simple - Minimum to No heat, Seal my ends, keep it moisturized and protected.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005
Female gender
English, Some Spanish
nappy, natural hair, tightly coiled, natural, kinky,
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Light (social) drinker
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In college
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Shorter than average
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Creative Writing, Singing, Watching Movies, Hanging Out with Friends
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R&B, Motown, Hip-Hop, Soul, Christian, Pop, Anything that sounds pleasing to my ear
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MTV, BET, House, Discovery-Baby Channel
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Bible, Purpose Driven Life, Coldest Winter Ever just to name a few...
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