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Thursday, May 17, 2007
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Daezhavoo, ~JaZiToNeS~.... Little Update Nov 2011, velvet (new you tube videos), Natitwists, *jenteel* 8/30/12, Ipanema, carmella25, feepee**New Summer of 2011 Updates**, Tiana, NikkyDef: UPDATED September 21, 2011, eboniwoman, ~SxFt ~, Nappy Nelle, NuMe2004, Sweetness, Mia - This Album Will be Closing for Good in July, NaturallyBeautiful (March 2011 Updates!), Wildchild453 *Updated 12/30/08, kristina, ~*TIFFANYANTT IS LOC-ING HER HAIR*~, Shiraz, Tia, ~^~ Peachtree - Almost 10 yrs Natural - ^~, Lady Libra, cateyesmd, Sera25 (2nd Album):No PW-7 Yrs Natural 3-10-11*, Twistie74, nurseN98**hiatus**, SaPhia ~ Academia Nut, Donna Sylla, Miss Batyah, 2natural4ya, malaikablu (update: (9/2010), cyndependant, AuNappturale *updated 12/28, **AllieNicole ADD allienicole2**, BeenieGirl is on YouTube as justbeeyoutiful, michelle1908, Shatani - Six Years Loc'd Up!, TalkingYam, Sparkling Flame/Caisha, ♥ NappyLove: UPDATED: 4 JAN 2012 ♥, naturaline, shortycocoa *working on year 7*, NEW ALBUM, browneyedgrl2, Loveya4ever **2015 updates*******, Wonderstar- under construction, tiffany!, coilier than thou, Brownsugar07, Ladydd, Babykinks83, Yellowfoxx21, Mahalialee4, Crimsondewdrop2, Mala J, braidlocs year 5 and 6!, Aijo, Ms-gg frostoppa on lockdwn bc pics crawl on google, luwam*updated 05/23*, Natural Haired Girl, Jamsteph **Feb. 2014**, Faithworks2, *Ms.DeeDee*, DivineNapps1728 --->* 12-23-11*<--- mini update, Affinity, bella- **August 2010 Updates - Loc's**, EmpressRi ~March updates (finally)!, Gr2006/LynnieB, Yekinae. The Knotty Truth! Get it! Thanks Cheleski, Outremount ** UPDATED April 2011*, Naturally-Sophisticated, Afrolady, Janeezy02 10/17/12 UPDATES!!!!!, Trinikiz ***05/7/11***, Cellodivah, ○•.:JOJ:.•○, DrBNL - 2/19/12 I'M BACK!!! Twitter @MrsBNL, Nappyism *updates 10/15/13*, Good Bye-Cheleski, Jaane-chan, Cornelia, Keonsmommy, Soulsista934 **~Updated July 8th, 2012!!~**, Yassylane, Napsizin, I cut some lox...., Mooks-hair is on Instagram Mookshair99, GodBlessings (Updates )!!, Nerika*February updates*, Saharainthesun, Céce [Small Update Dec 16 2010], Shay-b3-talkan, thecreativelady, Belizeanbeauty*33 mths Transitioning,Updates Soon!, JamaicanRoyalty^Go to Alwaysroyal^, Whosbotheringme - Updates April to September!!!, Vanaturalsister , Shonee, DIVA, Linguistic Aesthetics, LLC, Neo-soul aka D'nali, Basement Beat, @TheBlessedMomOf3~Instagram, Delitefulmane1908, Yuleah, Msdimpled1update 2012, F2x (january 2011 updates), *Updated* 3/29/13 Twitter:@ibyl, Nappygenerations, Ekaette- Sisterlocked, NowIAmNappy 4-2-13 updates, Mlew6637, Nanao, Realrednapps *Updates: February 2011, Razzled20, Lilbabygirl37- some new pics, conSKEEted - New Pix Posted :), newly_nappy.....finally updated, come check me out, Liberiangal, Nigerian-Queen: 6 YEARS LOCED WOOHOO! UPDATED!!!, Ready2BeMe (4 years & 5 months) Loc Update, Tiki-Blue, NappieDebbie **2011 UPDATES GALORE!!!!**, Cellodivah2, **Chan** 6 years Natural, KinkyAries, LovesHerSelf09, Blkcoil87 2013 updates!!!, msfullroller, LovelyLocs81 2013 updates, Naturally-beautiful-diva, Mimsii is- No longer locking, Saint Elegant, Foufie, Kinks&Kurls - Tons of Updates Coming Soon!, DieselGirl, MeLuvMeLocs, Ms Naturally divine, Relancer, BlackMasterPiece, Sweetvirgo590, Naturally70s, Ms-Tee, To be natural
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Daezhavoo, ~JaZiToNeS~.... Little Update Nov 2011, Pookeylou, Nappilocs, AfroChick, carmella25, feepee**New Summer of 2011 Updates**, NikkyDef: UPDATED September 21, 2011, ~SxFt ~, NaturalRay, Queeny20, Nappy Nelle, Cmesweet *regimen update*, Sweetness, Ange-Noir, Desiree, updates, KeSerenity 2013, Wildchild453 *Updated 12/30/08, Karonica, ~*TIFFANYANTT IS LOC-ING HER HAIR*~, Yolanda35, Shavvonne, cateyesmd, Twistie74, Cat ***ANNIVERSARY UPDATES 12/09/2009***, *~Poohbear~*, BW1 ~updated 09-27-12, Crystal, Miss Batyah, aNewMe, Femmefatales2, Sadiikii724 **April 23rd**, 2natural4ya, Nokeya ~*UPDATES 1/14/2008, malaikablu (update: (9/2010), KueTpie, cyndependant, BeenieGirl is on YouTube as justbeeyoutiful, Metrini, BlackPearls, Kinkerbelle, Kutemommie/Updated 10/13/11, LadyLSA - Updates 10/4/2010, tina, Q., Toya I'M BAAAAACK!!!!, Kamikak **New Videos**, Princess *(Updated:July 12,2008!)*, Shatani - Six Years Loc'd Up!, TalkingYam, Majels 2006 - July 2013 Update, NeeNapp, NaPPyRae^_^, shortycocoa *working on year 7*, ~~NaturallyNappy~~, phillygyrl, CorporateNapps, Frenchies-Angel ----- UPDATED 02/12/10!!!, Add my new album, M.MiamiLady, LoveNatural, Latinegra, Dimpalz - Candids for 2012, Myzen, Mzjayluv, Lilsnukems, Ashanti02, Samone, coilier than thou, thanks for the love ladies!, Uk-happynappy, Afroqueenshae Visit:, Scarcity21-2 starting over...updates 1/7/10, Yellowfoxx21, KNOTTY TRUTH, Updates 2010 Helical-hair-representative, KStyle, Mahalialee4, Mala J, braidlocs year 5 and 6!, Perlenoire83***1 year loc updates coming soon*****, jamaican_kissez, TEEJONES2, ScorpioAM***updates, updates, updates!!!***, Angelcoil, Arco-Jamaa, 2Golden-Curls, Natural Haired Girl, Jamsteph **Feb. 2014**, Icanonlybeme 2011 UPDATES!!!, ~*Quiet Fire*~ Baby Fire is here! Updates soon!, bella- **August 2010 Updates - Loc's**, MsTLD ~ Updated 11-21-12, Mo, EmpressRi ~March updates (finally)!, Afrocano07-2 (2/28/10) Updates!!!), Sun-Kissed, Thereshegoes77, Gr2006/LynnieB, EbonyEss, ReineAfricaine, Shortnsweet617^Delicaterose617 updated 4/09, Yekinae. The Knotty Truth! Get it! Thanks Cheleski, Rose, GodGivenGlory*11/14 IM BACK...for real! lol, Kamaliyah, TMV (New account TMV2 check me out), Sweetladee1001 Dec '09 Updates!!, Tenneal...UPDATES!, Naturaltresses _NEW DO! 10.27.08, AuNaturalATL, Knightme (on hiatus), BrownSugar, Naturally-Sophisticated, Afrolady, Loolalooh ~*~*UPDATES: OCTOBER 14, 2012*~*~, LiberianGirl~ been busy, will update SOON!!, Trinikiz ***05/7/11***, Luvabledesiree7 update 12/2/08, Nappturallyme 03/10 updates!!!!!!!!!!, Cellodivah, ○•.:JOJ:.•○, DrBNL - 2/19/12 I'M BACK!!! Twitter @MrsBNL, Nappyism *updates 10/15/13*, SugarySnowPea*12/4/10 Finally BACK!*, Good Bye-Cheleski, BeFree126--*small update 5/30/10*, NappilySue *UPDATES 7/11*, Cellodivah1, Jaane-chan, Kenyaste, sesamebutterfly, ProudNapps~Updated 8/9/15, Hairkarma, Lady_Q_Tee, Cornelia, Meccadon, Keonsmommy, Been gone for a minute! 7/09 Updates, Soulsista934 **~Updated July 8th, 2012!!~**, tru! Mid-Back Length For Dec 09, Napsizin, Maheve, NATURAL NOW-NO PW, Shonna has Updates 03.20.09 :), NiqueZeke/NeoLocks (Update for Month 10), Perdepthtion, Reggaebaby, Queensudan, ...and 238 friends more