Hello Fotki!!!!!

I am currently on a natural hair journey and love this website because so many women document their transitions as well as give encouraging and helpful tips. I got my 1st perm my Sophmore year in H.S. Not quite sure why...I actually liked my thick hair...but when I got my perm I liked it too. :-) I've been through so many styles since then...long....short....u name it. But I really feel the need to be myself and to go natural and embrace my natural hair texture. To me....good hair is healthy hair and I've been in contact with so many STRONG Black women who went against what society deems as "Beautiful". I love TEXTURE and the way u can Rock so many different styles. Dope!!!! I'm definitely looking forward to whats next and also the different stages of my hair. I'm ready Fotki...so if there are any tips please send them this way!!! :-)

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