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Hello Fotki world!!!!!

I'm very excited to have become part of this community. I'm a 25 year old from the south side of Chicago with my B.S. in Marketing. I love life and everything in it and would consider myself to be a very positive person. I love new experiences and am very open minded and accepting. I enjoy being social and meeting new people..but most importantly I am a great person and just love having fun.

I joined Fotki for a few reasons.

One-To meet new and interesting people of course!!!
Two-To get encouraging messages, tips, and inspiration from other strong women with natural hair.
Three- To document a very important step in my life...what better way than to share my experiences with others and possibly inspire someone else as I have been inspired. :-)

I recieved my 1st relaxer my sophmore year in High School. Before then I pressed my hair and wore braids and it was pretty managable. I was able to learn my hair and its texture and had long, thick, healthy hair. Not quite sure why I went through with getting a perm....change maybe. Though I was great with styling my natural hair.....I really had no clue of all the possibilities one can have with natural textures. There is so much out there and a massive amount of products...who would have known?!?! Well needless to say I did'nt. :-(

I've been rockin' my perm ever don't get me wrong..I def liked my permed hair but just always knew how my hair was in my previous years and how limited the relaxer actually was. Straight hair was not what it was all "cracked" up to be. :-(

I cut bangs, had a medium length bob, sew ins, braids, and even a super short edgy style but I was still BORED!!! Not to mention a hair mishap that I experienced which really pushed me to stop getting perms to allow my hair to grow back. Long story short...I want my natural texture back. Plain and simple. I've been transitioning for a few months now ( not sure how many....ooopps!) and am looking forward to the big chop soon....enough. LOL. Anywho...hope you enjoy my hair journey as I'll be updating monthy to show my progression.

To all the natural hair vets out a sista out!!! :-) Im def a newbie and will take all the help and advice I can get. To my girls in transition....stay in touch. We are experiencing the same trails and I'm sure the support can be helpful as well. Peace out and remain productive and positive people. :-)

*************Special Announcement**************

BIG CHOP DATE - July 10th 2009
I'm NATURAL Now!!!!!! All the way!!!! :-D

*************Special Announcement**************

Hey Fotkins, I have recently joined a huge resource for Natural Hair..YouTube!!!!
Check me out on my newly created Channel.


ALSO...check out my sister's Channel on YouTube.

Search - MsVaughn

Great tutorial Vids on Creative Natural Styles. :-)

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