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Ok I need to start over! Since I created these albums I have learned so much!! and I really can't stand to look at my old pictures lol...I am taking such better care of my hair. I think I realized that wearing wash and go's were killing my hair, it has never been drier (or looked crazier) than when I tried to stretch a wash and go more than a day. Plus I hate wet hair, it drives me crazy, my hair holds so much water (which I know is a good thing) it literally takes all day for it to dry. Some things are not for everyone and I have finally accepted that. I truly understand what "listening to your hair" means and I know what makes my hair happy. So with all that said here's my new regimen:

2011 Update
Once a Month:
Wash scalp with a Grapeseed Shampoo bar I bought from Whole foods. (when this runs out I'm going to try KC Come Clean)

Apply Amla(100g) Brahmi (50g) Hibiscus (couple tbs) Mask on my hair for about 30 mins ( I only do this when my hair is feeling dry or not acting the way I would like this brings it back to normal but if I do it too often my hair gets Super Dry)

I also use Henna again I bought the "good stuff" from and wow what a difference!! I use it on my roots only for grey hairs.

Rinse then Deep Condition with AO White Camellia Conditioner

I have been using Kinky Curly Conditioner and Spiral Spritz with amazing results KCCC was a little to heavy for me the spritz is perfection!

Then I will either do a Roller Set or I will do a Braid Out (or Braid and Curl) using extra Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz and sealing with vitamin E oil or Kinky Curly Pomade.

After my hair is dry I gently with my fingers or a huge detangling brush, (TANGLE TEEZER!! is the bestest) comb out the Roller Set or the braid out and add avocado or amla oil (I buy mine from From Nature with Love it says its unscented, it has a smell but it doesn't linger) This makes my hair really big which I love love love!!

I usually co wash and repeat the deep conditioning and braid out/ roller set process 1-2x per week.

At night I massage my scalp with a mix of Amla,Vitamin E, Avocado, Rosemary and (drops of )Tea Tree oils.

Then I use Amla or Avocado oil to braid my hair in about 5-7 braids and seal the ends with vitamin E or I wrap my hair into a bun around 1 flexi rod at the top of my head.

I have to get myself another satin pillowcase. I had a synthetic silk one before and my head kept sliding off of it lol! I think the 100% silk will be better. I do have a satin bonnet but the elastic bothers me and I have crazy dreams all night. (I know I'm strange) So for now I just sleep on my cotton pillow case (terrible!!!)

In the morning I take out the braids or bun fluff and style maybe add a lil oil if necessary.

This routine has brought my dry brittle crown section back to life and I shed a lot less hair. Plus I have always underestimated the amount of oil my hair needs this way I can go through each section daily and moisturize as needed.

That's it!! I hope this information will help someone somewhere. Just remember do what works for you :)

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