Updated! 4/2013
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SIX YEARS AND COUNTING!! :-) 6.4.12 = Wanna follow me on twitter? @Lovely_Lynee

I Reached my TWO YEAR MARK on Mar 4, 2008!!! :-) 1 year BC ann May 7, 2008!

*~*~*~*~ Please check out my Journal section: Crazy comments!!!!!! and leave a message in my Gbook! I'd love to check out your page too! ~*~*~

Year THREE!!! March 4 2009!
Year 4 March 2010 :-) Hair is almost bra strap length in back
I would like to thank all the fotki women who have inspired me. This has been a VERY enjoyable experience. It has almost been 17 months since my last relaxer (Mar 4, 2006). And I don't even DESIRE to get another relaxer. I am so thankful for all of the kind words and encouragement I receive here. Without you ladies I don't know if I would have made it. I have developed an obsession in the process but it's ok ( I LOVE NATURAL HAIR). I still have some growing to do in my journey. But I am lovin every step. I Bc'd at 14 months and I am learning more and more about my natural hair. I usually wear it in big curls or a ponytail or maybe a twist out. I'm sure I will get more creative with time. :) I am working on improvement in all areas of my life. I just wanted to take some time out to tell you THANK YOU! for all the support. Love you ladies

**HAIR GOALS** So, these will vary with time... but... they'll do for now.
Current 7/30/07: below shoulder
12/4/07 (20 months): 2 inches longer... Close to APL... ( Very ambiguous I know ;) (GOAL) *** My hair is basically to my arm pit but I have layers... May be a while before ALL of my hair is that long... I am excited though! ~ 12/07
4/4/08 : (25 months) :BSL (GOAL)

ULTIMATE HAIR GOAL: Between BSL and Midback, Below shoulder length DRY when curly.

My last relaxer: March 3, 2006
Senagalese twists: April 26, 2006
Appt to get hair trimmed: Maybe July 1??? (didn't trim it...)
Took out Senagalese Twists: June 20, 2006
Tried new styles on natural ne growth: Twists outs, curls, corn rows straight, whatever: June 20, 2006- August 4, 2006
First professional Press(nice but greasy ;) lol : August 5,2006
(Step-brothers wedding)
Kinky Twists: September 9,2006- October 14,2006
Various hair styles: October - February
Microbraids: February 17- March 23
*~*~*~*~* 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: MARCH 3, 2007*~*~*~*~*
Bc'd May 9, 2007 ( 14 month transition)
First twists in public: May 20, 2007
Birthday July 23, 2007 :)
First Puff: August 9, 2007 (My moms birthday!!! :) )
First Wash and Go: September 1, 2007
Trim and press: October 2007 (The lady used toooo much heat >:(
APL: Stretched out 12/30/07 ( Longest layer...) [Please note... My hair is in layers therefore it is not ALL this length. but each strand counts to me ;)]
Microbraids: Jan 27, 2008 (kept 4 weeks.. too small, scared of damage)
Mar4 2008- 2 yr anniversary
Twists touch shoulders unstretched: March 10, 2008
Trim: April 12 2008 (been 6 months since last trim)
Kinky Twists: April 26, 2008 (Did them myself! YAY! GO ME!)

YEAR 6: 3/6/2012 MBL and then a trim :-)
Year 7: Cut my MBL back to BSL!! :) Added layers. Don't wear it bone straight often though.

Check my blog: Lovelylynee.blogspot.com
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