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I enjoy photography, and I hope it shows on my Fotki! I will take a photo of pretty much anything, and they all end up on here! Nature Shots & Trips is my favorite section. I would really like to do more trips but health problems prevent it, walking is difficult and painful for me.

I love history, especially ancient Rome, and NASCAR. I have been a diehard NASCAR fan since Christmas 1992, and I only really "discovered" ancient history, especially Rome, around 2007, but I have always had an appreciation for history, dating back to my time in school...unfortunatly, much of what they taught us as fact was incorrect.

I also love classic cars, my lifelong dream is to own a classic someday. Since I can't make that happen, I've set out to photograph as many as I possibly can, my goal is to take 1000 photos at a single, multi-day show...I've gotten into the 800s. I am a fast photographer, I once shot 250 photos in 45 minutes at a car show...time was escaping me and I spent too much time in the vendor areas!

I spend most of my time reading about history, posting on message boards and Facebook. I tend to type a lot, usually more than anyone needs or wants to read...I once created a single message board post that when pasted into Word was 11 pages long! Since I can't do a lot of physical activity, it gives me a lot of time to read, both books and on the net. Although in real life I'm very quiet, spoke when spoken to generally speaking type of person, the internet lets me come alive.

I build scale models and have the collector mentality. I may not build particularly well, or have a high turnout, but I still take lots of photos of them! I love to collect things, give me more than one of something- pretty much anything- and I will find several ways to organize it, sort it, and photo-document it. Probably OCD, but it makes me happy.

Enjoy my photos, and feel free to leave comments!

I am compelled to document pretty much anything, and have picked up the new nickname "The Mad Documenter". I named myself that and it's just kind of stuck, naturally my referring to myself as such doesn't hurt (LOL)

I am on Facebook and on rare occasions, Twitter. Most of my posts on both sites are NASCAR or model related (or both)

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Monday, August 16, 2004
Male gender
English...but can translate anything with an internet program.
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Photo sharing, Friends, Networking
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You're looking at it! This is it, I've spent countless hours with it!
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Just found your site. A lot of great photos. I can see I will be coming back here a lot.....

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7 years 8 months ago
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I never drink
I don't have kids yet
Lots-Italian, British, German, Native American-more I'm not even sure on! I can trace my family tree back to the 1500s
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More to love!
Less than $30,000
Interests & Personality
anything at all to do with cars. NASCAR, history, astronomy, and documenting my many hobbies.
NASCAR, most Olympic sports, sometimes watches NBA.
Country! Also, 1960s Surf Rock like the Beach Boys as an example.
Star Wars (all of them!) Night at the Museum, Big Mama's House 2, Simpsons Movie-I'm not big on movies but that's a sampling!
Simpsons! Seen every episode at least two times. (Except some of the crappy newer episodes) 1950s TV Game shows, Home Improvement, Sportscenter, Jay Leno, Golden Girls, History Detectives, Antiques Roadshow, etc
Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, etc...You mean personal heroes?
Anything to do with NASCAR or History-I can't get enough of either! DC Comics, although not the "New 52". Check out the "Other Hobbies" folder for an album showing some of the books I've read recently-at least since I thought to create the album!
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