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I've been caring for my hair since January 3 of 2007. In October 2006 I had a really bad weave disaster which led me to doing some research on-line and finding out about all the haircare forums...my hair looked so bad that i didnt want to take pictures. I wish I had now though because my it looks so much better...

My first goal was SL and i achieved that...my next goal is APL(which seems to be taking forever) and after that is BSL. I'd love to get to MBL but right now APL is my goal.

I seem to not quite get to APL when im really close so I've become very determined to make it.

I haven't developed a set regimen yet but when or if I do I'll update this.

But anyway everyone's progress on their fotki's is so inspiring to me! I hope to be an inspiration to someone soon.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions you have

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