EmpressRi ~March updates (finally)!
EmpressRi ~March updates (finally)!(EmpressRi) avatar
*Update as of 2~6~10....I'm getting boring, but still playing with hair! I'd figure out how to do some other styles if I had the time..and patience...someone come do it for me!!! Not buying AS MUCH cause everything looks the same now, as it goes. Finally figured out how to do a proper wash and go!!

(Sing to the tune of Curtis Mayfield)

"I'm yo mama, I'm yo daddy, I'm that nappy in the alley, I'm yo product pushaaaaa!"

I grew out my relaxer in 2001 but stopped pressing my hair to death almost three years ago. I did a mini chop in September 2008 to get rid of the heat damaged ends and have been growing my hair back ever since. Before the mini chop my hair was nearly to my butt (getting it back there too!)

I'm mixed with black and blacker (hey, a lot of people wonder)

I like looking at everyone's fotki, be it relaxed, pressed, napptural or natural hair. (Heck it doesn't even have to be about hair! lol so long as it interests me)

I love playing kitchen-tician.

Heat is the devil on my hair

I'm a nappturality addict (and Resident Head Product Pusha, as told by some lol)

I'm a product pusher. If you come to me thinking I'll tell you, nooo don't buy that, you don't need it, lol you are wrong wrong wrong! (unless it's something terrible for your hair)

I have a blogspot:

General Information
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Female gender
Spanish, some French
nappturality, napptural, naptural, natural, curly, wavy, twists, oyin, henna, butter, qhemet, biologics, kinky, custard
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My Cities
Background & Lifestyle
Marital status:
In a relationship
Light (social) drinker
I don't have kids yet
Black/African descent
Interests & Personality
Hair of course! Crochet (currently learning, I welcome help and advice!)
Only when I'm forced to watch, but I love watching the Yankees (and Red Sox but shhh!!)
House music, afrobeat, old school stuff, jazz. None of this new crap you hear on the radio.
Lies My Teacher Told Me, The Shopaholic Series, How I Paid For College, The Isis Papers, and when I'm feeling nostalgic my old Babysitter's Club books (yeah so what)
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