EyeWrite22 [Peep my return to the TWA!]
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[July 5, 2010]
Finally! Back to my teeny weeny and I absolutely love it. It's short, though I wanted it shorter. My mom (who is my hair care professional) refused to cut it shorter...even though I paid her! I wanted to get it colored (something lighter and possibly reddish/orangish), but we didn't have any to use. Now, I dunno if I want to, honestly. I'd really prefer, at this point, to use a 'natural' color. Does that even exist?

[May 28, 2010]
What it do?! Heeeey, people. Haven't been on here (for hair purposes) in a very long time. I haven't been lovin or likin my hair. So why bother sharing pictures? *shrug* But. I'm about to cut (and hopefully color) it this weekend. I need a change. So, I'll start back with updates and what not.

[March 14, 2009]
Yay! I bought a camera! You will be seeing MORE updates and they will probably get on your nerves. I am a picture-taking extremist. Seriously.

STILL do not have a camera. I have a BlackJack and I've been using that camera, but it's still not as clear as I'd like it to be.

I don't have a camera :( Lol. So, my updates are going to be few and far between. Maybe Santa will bring me one this year! :D

What can I say? I love my hair, but it is getting on my last nerve! I sooo miss it being shorter. I really do. As I look back at my older pictures, I can really see how short it was and I’m just like… “Wow.” You know? I’ve gotten so lazy and neglectful. I just don’t want to be bothered! Shoot, don’t be surprised if you see some me with me with a fade or back with a TWA. I don’t want to discourage anyone going through a transition, but this is my reality :( I’m just not taking the time to actually sit down and do it. My hair is sooo dang thick and I’m starting to see why I used to hate getting my hair done---it’s a great task!These blow outs and puffs are going to be the death of my hair. Just like the relaxer was. So, I’m trying to keep the promise to myself to stop with the blow dryer and the puffies and all that. Wish me some luck because I surely need it.


Lovin my hair! ;)

I just LOVE all the picture and guestbook comments! Yall make me smile sooooo much! :] I'm trying to think of something else to say besides "thank you" and "thanks", but I can't think of much else, obviously! lol

Thanks!! :D

******I transitioned for about, ooh...ummm.. 6 months or so....I did the big chop May 12th, 2007. And I haven't had any regrets! I love to see other likeminded people who can enjoy something so simple as natural hair ;]

I seriously have to fight back the urges to wash and comb my hair everyday. I was so used to washing and tending to it every week and I thought I would still be able to do that. But I was sadly introduced to extremely arid hair. I realized (like most of us are) that less is best. So I've just been using olive oil and very little of it. I'm trying to stop using the twisting gel (though I love it!) when I braid and twist my hair. Ummm, I don't really do the co-washes anymore...I don't like having wet hair, lol. And that's about it!

I'm a humanitarian at heart...quite overzealous in my caring and giving sometimes. I graduated college December 2006 and now I'm pursuing a MA in English concentrating in creative writing. When you see my book on the shelf, pick it up! I plan and hope to go to law school soon thereafter obtaining my master's. I write, so you can call me a writer. I’m not published, but I’m working on that :] My last two semesters in college were the MOST trying and revealing times of my 22 year existence. I’ve really grown up in this last year and a half…a lot. And I absolutely LOVE my hair. Sometimes when I look at it, I just can’t help smiling and feeling extremely elated that I gave in and fully embraced all of me! I feel like I’m becoming who I am more and more everyday and it’s great!

Leave me some comments!! :] I love them!
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