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Gabsike :P~
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.....Never Say I Love U, If U Dun Really Care. Never Talk Of Feelings, If They Aren't Really There. Never Hold My Hand, If U Mean To Break My Heart. Never Say Forever, If U Ever Plan To Part. Never Look In To My Eyes, If U Are Telling Me Is A Lie. Never Say Hello, If U Dream of More Than Me. Never Lock Up My Heart, If U Dun Have The Key.....
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Sunday, July 30, 2006
Female gender
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Photo sharing, Friends
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• Ligita~, garbanelia, `FiaMa`, CanDy :P*~, •ಏﳠCiparisse惢ಏ•, justixas-911, zvochus, Akcija, Mejlee, Gintariukea, Grasiukas ;*, MIsTiKaa, Karamielka, Plastakee, Jasmine-
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• Ligita~, zvochus, Akcija, Grasiukas ;*, Dovilė, Mariux123, Jasmine-, Dovilė