Friday - Our final day of English Day Camp!


After a few million water balloons are filled, the Youth arrive for a fun evening (and pizza!) at the church!


Elliot and Ethan took all of the pictures today, since I was busy with Bible class the whole time.


A half-day in Krokow before we get on the plane tomorrow morning.


Last day of English Course!

We had Sports indoors today, because of the rain earlier.


Day 4 of English Course.

Includes water balloon games, and a visit to the Cultural Park with the youth in the evening to play some games and eat some pizza.


Day 3 of English Course, and a visit to a Mexican restaurant with the youth. The name of the restaurant was Frida!


Day 2 of English Course, and walking around Old Town Rzeszów, including underground.


First day of English Course!

(Also, a few from walking around Rzeszów in the evening.)


(The dates are adjusted from this point forward to be the actual date in Poland. I think I messed that up earlier.)

We went to church this morning, but I didn't get many pictures there. Just the first one.

This was English Course preparation day at the school. We met the youth who will be helping us, the music lady Anya, and had a great time decorating and getting organized!