Greetings all. Please bear with me as I upload pictures and organize.

The reason I chose Fotki to transfer (Was on Photobucket) my online photo album to, are many but I will try to be short and sweet.

  • Visitor comments (cannot improve without criticism)
  • Ability to sell my pictures (The vast majority are not saleable but I'm hoping there will be a few pictures that people would like enough to spend cold hard cash on)
  • Nice layout compared to Photobucket
The reasons I am putting prices on my pictures are as follows:
  1. Pay for the account. (That would be nice)
  2. Pay for the costs of going out and taking pictures. (Even Nicer)
  3. Have the new camera pay for itself. (Not likely but I can dream :) )
  4. Make a living at it. (LOL yeah right. Not likely within this lifetime LOL)

Keeping sizes available relatively small. Some might look good at a larger size but would rather play it safe. But willing to temporarily enable a larger size if someone really wants one.

Now I'm not going to kid myself and think for one second that I will sell any real quantity of pictures but who knows. Once I gut out the bad to so so pictures and get a best of/favorites folder going. Maybe people who have complimented me on my pictures were somewhat serious as opposed to just being nice. Only time will tell. And at least now it’s not going to cost me close 50$ a month printing out pictures for friends and family and just send them here :).