Deer tracks '06

I thought I'd see how shooting snow with deer tracks would turn out. Could adjust the brightness some. And a few days later I went out back on the cross country skis for a better look at where deer like to move. All over the place but some trails are regular routs. I suppose I could adjust the exposure at home and repost like the last few shots, except for the ones on the sunny day.

U.P. Mushrooms

Morel and various mushrooms I've seen in the woods behind the cabin. I'm still unable to locate my "Mushrooms of North America" book so some names are not available yet. But it really don't matter cause the only one I usually eat is Morel, I seem to keep forgeting to look in manure in June or July for LBM's. If you might know the names feel free to comment.

Deer posts

Hunting season is upon us in da U.P. Some animal lovers might take issue with the harvest of edible wild creatures, I remain neutral. Venison stew cooked by my pal Peter Hayes is quite tastey. If this albums graphic content offends you don't view.


When I got home from work I found this Poplar had fallen and I cleaned off the twigs and leafs to burn in the Koie cooker for ash. I only got 50lbs. of material but had fun with the new Pentax Optio 60 6.0 MP camera I recently bought. Put it on slide show for a cool effect.

Iron Mountain Fireworks 2006

Looks like I'm bustin' myself out for goofing off at Wally World with this one. Publicity made a big deal about I.M., Michigan having simultanious displays from Pine Mountain, the world class ski jump, and Millie Hill, home to the bat caves. I didn't think I would see much from my vantage point at work but guess what... I could see a little from the parking lot where we sold garden supplys and while sweeping I tested what this Optio 60 would do by steading it on a pallet of potting mix and setting it in HSC mode/fast action, zoom, etc. and made a few shots. Some were blurry and got deleted but this I hung on to for reasearch. The display was a couple miles away but came in amazingly good under the circumstances, no trypod and distance. I'm looking foreward to shooting Norway's on the real 4th.

U.P. Clay Hunt Testing

Having taken a small sample of clay from the spring deposit at Rick's camp I did a simple slack and seive to see how much clay might be in the sample. Inconclusive results at this point. For privacy the location is not geo-taged.

Landmarks Norway, Michigan

The Viking Ship, Norway Spring, and Big John in Vulcan are prominate landmarks on US2.

Zacks Racoon Rescue

These baby Coons were by the road for a few days after Muma was killed and Zack brought then back to the farm to see if they could be nursed back from starvation. They are now about a month old and rather healthy. Some years ago they fixed the broken leg of the fawn buck Rufes and of course there was Strayberry the crow. Doctoring runs in the family. Video comming soon!!!

Red Pine

Now updated with a new cutting location where a logger went through Doctor Paul's and left lots of slash. My dream come true. The shots at the end are 20 years old. This is the basic idea of cutting Red Pine limbs without having to drop the entire tree. I suppose I could get climbing spikes, a safety harness, and an arborist chainsaw but I need the exercise. Up to 1/3 of live limbs can also be trimed without harming the tree. I first trim the dead stuff leaving stubby "Rungs" to act as a ladder for future trimming. After taking 1/3 green the next year the stubs are removed.

National Association of Conservation Districts

As a result of the Dickinson Conservation District contest their director recommended I enter a national version of their photo contests so here are those entries to be judged after December 1, 2007. I'll post the results later.

Billy's Anagama

Billy Ob and Randall Genser are making a wood fired kiln and studio in downtown Detroit. This type of kiln takes a crew of people at least 7 days if not more to fire.

Gawaine & Jane Estate Art Sale

One of my teachers finally moved from the home he and his wife sheared to assisted living closer to his daughter. As a result they had to have a still alive estate sale to unload as much of pottery and paintings they had produced but not sold and a number of collectables. I bought a half dozen pieces at the end of the first day and regret not going back the next days for more but to be honest it was pretty upsetting. I hope most of the stuff found homes and not ended up in the dumpster.

Firepower Ceramics 2013

The Detroit Artists Market installed a contemporary ceramics exhibition with some new and some older artists using clay some way in their work. Sorry for the lack of credits and a complete set photos but those things happen.

Salty Dog Firing #7

Henry Crissman added an extension to the firebox to give it more than enough firepower to make high temperature in under 48 hours. It's too bad my batteries ran out before I could document more. The fire was started about 8:00AM Saturday and lasted into Sunday night. A fun time was had by all who visited.

Center For Creative Studies Manibigama Kiln

In November of 2012 I attended a firing by Criss Sneed at Center For Creative Studies in downtown Detroit. There are more videos in my YouTube channel.

Main Elements of the Load

A place to look at the load density. I'm thinking part of my problem getting hot all through the load, besides the fact it was my first firing in years and we had to cook the kiln, was the load was too full and it became one giant heat dam. What do you think? Any suggestions would be considered.

Lopping Sticks To Length

After coming up with a case of "trick finger" in the ring finger of my right hand from using the machete so much I decided to try something a little different. I got the idea from a metal shear I used in the scrap yard to cut up stuff that was too small to waste gas torch cutting.


Salty Dog Wood Firing #6

Wherever I go I look for other fellow potters who wood fire. In Detroit just off of East Grand Boulevard Henry Crissman from Center For Creative Studies and other students including Chris Sneed used the old salt kiln bricks to build a unique two chambered wood fired kiln.

Pots For 2012

These are most all of the pots from the firings with prices so I could keep an inventory list for a show in Kalamazoo but I forgot to shoot the $10 Snake Incense burners that sold and forgot which bowl sold for $65. There are some pretty neat pieces in this last load so I hope to have them in my Etsy store as soon as I make the move to South Eastern Michigan. I'm also going to look into exhibiting at The Detroit Artists Market where I had some of my first sales as a kid in the early 1960's.

Cutting Brush Sticks To Length

In order to finish working on the wood rack I needed to finish processing the leftover sticks from cutting Christmas greens and other limbs I've found. I nailed a gauge stick with an area between 32"&36" long to a stump and whacked the limb with the machete to length for the main Bourry stoke holes. Shorter sticks will be used in the secondary stoke holes along the sides of the kiln. The scrap goes in the camp fire to stand by to get warm.


Limbing Red/Jack Pine

Another spot on Paul's land to demonstrate the cleaning up of a pine for kiln fuel. Now that gas is over $3.00 a gallon the use of hand tools becomes more attractive, and in a student situation the safety issue of chain saws is reduced. Of course the least convincing argument for using hand tools is the dubious benefits of the physical labor involved and the time it takes away from throwing pots and drinking beer.


Brick Stash

These are some shots of the stash of kiln bricks I'm looking to store or sell.

Full Resolution For Prints

This is a new album with some of my favorite shots in full resolution from when I started using the 6MP Pentax Optio 60, then the 7.1MP Pentax W30, and the 12.1MP W80 I'm offering for sale through Fotki. This will make the ordering process easier than having a lower resolution image and being notified to upload the original which would only delay you receiving your pictures. I hope there is something here suitable for your home, office, or any place that looks like it could use a a neat photograph. Thanks for viewing and more thanks for making an order eh.

Kiln Demolition

I can't stay here anymore so I have to take the kiln apart and find some place to stash the brick until I decide to rebuild.

UP Woodfired Kiln 2012 5th Load

I decided to do one more load before May to use up the remaining kiln fuel and see if I can adjust the setting to get the tail hotter.

Used Electric Kilns

An elderly lady near here has decided to stop giving pottery and ceramics lessons in her home and is getting rid of the equipment so I asked what she wanted for one of the Paragon Set 'n Fire kilns she said wasn't working real well and she said 50 bucks so I got one. I haven't considered electric yet but the chamber looks good enough to repair the electronics or convert it to gas or even wood if I find the location. If I can figure out how to move both I think I'll see what the other one is worth to her too. It looks like I'll need a pickup truck or a low riding trailer to haul them down below 'da Bridge to South East Michigan.

Bal's Hill

There is a dairy farm family up here named Bal and they acreage the locals call Bal's Hill where they pasture heifers and plant feed. A particularly lonesome birdhouse along the fence line caught my eye so I thought I'd see if I could milk it for a few decent shots. One shot won an award in a local calendar contest. Enlargements suitable for framing are available at reasonable prices. Thanks for taking a look and even more for ordering a print.

U.P. Woodfired Kiln 2011 Load # 4

About the only change I've made in the kiln is to lag in more stack bricks so it is now 16.5'. I decided to give'er one more try and make another load with mostly re-fires and a few new pieces made with a cone 12 porcelain and cone 10 stoneware I bought from Continental Clay. More of loading live can be found in my YouTube site.

Kiln Snowed In

We got hammered with at least 13" of snow on Leap Year Day 2012.

New Pots 2012

The kiln got fired during a warm spell in early February and I'm putting the results in my store at