I started learning the skills needed to be an Artist in the mid-60's at Edsel Ford H.S. in Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.A. Although I had already chosen clay as my primary medium I took teaching in drawing, painting, sculpture, jewlery, and self taught photography. I've attended Art schools, Universities and lived in the Art Scene most of my life. Over the years I've actually done more living and learning about living than art but that is where Art comes from, living and learning. One can make accidemicaly successful pieces and do quite well, however, truly inspired creations come from the inspiration of every day experiences distilled through the vision of meditation. I find balance in the spontaneity of capturing a moment in a photo and the stability of creating in clay. One deals with an instant, the other with long term processes, even geologic time.
Now we have the wonder of technology so all people can shair their ideas and creations and life with the generations to come. Let's hope we use it well. Stay in there!

Gary Navarre 9/2004