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It seems like while I wasn't looking, I have turned in to one of those 'oldie but goodie' people. Just yesterday I was 29....and I am in my early 70's. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT???!!! :O) ...I've been married to my husband for over 50 years. We raised four kids (3 sons and a daughter), and now have six grand sweeties (by blood), 3 steps, and a few 'honoraries' also.

We're both natives of NY State, but moved to Southern CA in 1979.
We now consider ourselves Californians....Love it here.

Except for a few brief periods...including two years when we owned and operated a Used Furniture, Antiques, and Collectible Store (and where we rented spaces to others)...I've always been a stay at home mom...homemaker.

My husband retired in 2006...and tho it took some 'adjustment'...on both our parts...but we seem to have settled in to a pretty good 'routine' now. Took a couple of years to find the right rhythm...but we've 'got it' now. I love seeing him so happy, and stress free....with no worries other than 'what TO DO today'.
His new 'hobby' is traveling around our town visiting all the Thrift Shops etc.....talking up a storm with everyone who'll listen. I remember having 'regular's when we had our HE is one to many stores. lol

MY main 'hobby', since 2001 is working in PSP.....It steals more time from my days than I intend....but, can't seem to break the addiction. I figure...if I'm having a good time.......why should I stop?

I have three Tag List (where I offer my creations, and have other taggers on staff also). I'm afraid we only take members on a referral basis these days. There are too many 'strange people' roaming the halls of yahoo groups anymore. But, if you know someone in one of my groups who can refer you.....feel free to have them do so. can just visit my FOTKI home....and snag what you like.


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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
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