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This is about Myself and my
Family and Closest Friends in my life
and what brought me into making this Group of:

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Hello my name is Pauline Barclay
Your Owner/Manager of :

·:♥Gorjuss Girls Group♥:·

I was born in San Diego, California
in 1957 on April 16th.
Growing up I dealt with alot of abusive situations due to my family and outsiders. I was raised by my father and my step-mom and never knew my real mom till later on in life. I lost my hearing partially when I was 5 yrs old and later on by a bad fall on my job, when I fell down 2 flights of stairs working for the hospital and was in the hospital for several months from the fall and almost couldn't walk. My boyfriend Sam was always there for me and I really felt that after my accident, things would make a turn for the better but after 7 yrs of total happiness, while I was on a trip with my family in Arizona and after I returned home I found out my boyfriend Sam was was murdered in our home,
I just totally lost it..... Took me forever to remain being myself again.....
I was so Thankful that my Best Friends from kindergarten were around to hold me up, I could always count on Kay and Kim to be there no matter what!......
I remember meeting my real mom for the 1st time when I was 8 yrs. old and again after having a near fatal surgery on my gallbladder that erupted and put me in the hosptial when I was 15th yrs. old. I wished till this day that I had been able to stay with my real mom after meeting her the second time and finding out that all the things my Dad said were not true....
I returned home and met my first true love that I mentioned above and we did have the happiest 7 yrs ever with each other and I miss him everyday of my life.... After my boyfriend death I met my first husband Jack in 1981. I called him Jack because he had too many people in his family named John, so it was easier to call him that instead of John, and then on April 15th, 1982 about 5hrs before my 25th birthday my son John Madison Swisher IV was born. I was so happy and I called my son John-John or Lil John but now I called him Johnny. And as Johnny was little he have a Big Sister Sonya to look up to and Sonya had a Lil Brother to look after and we have had Sonya over many of times as Johnny was growing up but Sonya lives so far away in Pasadena,CA and we lived in Hesperia,CA about 3 hrs away from each other and then later on about in lifes when Johnny was about two half week old I met my friend Carole Anne and her mom Carolyn Bennett. Carole Anne was 17yrs. old and expecting her 1st child, she was due Oct. 29th but did not go into labor till Nov. 27th. She had a Beautiful Little Girl who was named Anna..... Our children played and grew up together, I never had anymore children after my son Johnny but always wanted more. Carole Anne had one more child on Sept. 5th, 1985 and named her Samaira.....
Carole Anne was very lucky as her husband at the time had put her in and out of bad situstions due his abousive nature.
And then we all moved away to Modesto,CA and that when I left my son's father and went on with my lifes and being with Carole Anne's and her family for along times and the biggest part I miss alots in lifes was Sonya and so did Johnny but I knew she will be ok but I pray that some day we will find each other again.
In 1996 my Dad got Lung Cancer which was hard for me to deal with and Carole Anne's mom got Breast Cancer and then Cancer again and then others that were close to me developed cancer, was my mother n law, and step-mom it was too much for me or for Carole Anne to go through. The only thing was it almost ended Carole Anne's and mine relationship because she would not talk to me and made me feel like everything was my fault and I was not a friend or a sister and it hurt me alot and then her mom passed away in 1995 of Cancer, after that Carole Anne moved away to Nampa, Idaho.
I, myself was going through alot of hardships.
I had been remarried and divorced. When I moved up to Idaho to try and make a new start of my life for me and my son Johnny..... After moving, my mother n law passed away in 1996 with Lung Cancer and then my father passed away in June 29 of 1997 of Lung Cancer as well as having a Heart Attack. And this 2004 my step-mom Emma passed away of Cancer that she survivors for over 15yrs. Plus I had several other had died this year of 2004, which was my son Johnny's father Jack & Grandpa John and also his father sister Diana. It was very hard on me for a long times.
When my Son Johnny got older and he married a Wonderful Woman named Julie and they both brought into this world a Beautiful Little Girl! They named her Kalista and she is my First Granddaughter! And my First Grandson in Jan. 24 2007 and he was name after my son Johnny to carry on the Family Name: Swisher but he passed away Jan. 24 2007. My third Grandson was born June 25 2008 named him Ethan Kobe Lee Swisher.
And then Carole Anne's oldest Daughter Anna married a Wonderful Man and they brought a son into this world and his named is Tyrone and who is Carole Anne's First Grandson!
My son and Carole Anne's daughter had children of their own in the same year of 2002 but one month apart.
And both of Our Children were born the same year, 1982 a few months apart from one another and this was very weird....
Carole Anne's daughter Samaira just had her first child Nov. 2007 name him Mathew. This is Carole Anne's second Grandson.
I have several animals that keep me busy all the times. I have one alittle Maltese named Misty she have long Beautiful white silky hairs and my cat Kitty my Ragdoll Breed, then I have several Shih Tzus with long hair name Mister Bear & Laddie Girl and they're ful of fun to raise, so they're all my loving Furbabies animals.
I developed Fibromyalgia with Arthritis which is so painful everyday and also many other health problems too. My hearing has gotten worse as I have gotten older.....
This year of 2004 I found out after having a Hysterectomy and they removed a tumor and sent it to the Lab. to be tested it came back as pre-stages of Uteran Cancer, well they didn't get everything out, so I had to go back in for another surgery to have my cervix removed in Feb. 8, 2005, so this way they can make sure they got everything out. I knew I will be ok with everyone who has been praying for me and the Good Lord will be with me and my Family and Friends. And then November of 2006 Sonya have found us on My Space which was a Big Blessing to us and now I can stop looking for her and she have be miss for so long and I can't wait to reunion with her and give her my biggest hugs and loves that I have always have in my heart for her and as always she been a Lil Angel to me and the Good Lord have help us found each other and am so grateful and thankful that my prayer been answer and now we can move on and to see each other again and Johnny & Sonya can see each other and they will have each other to look up too in lifes all over again where they left off at and along with their kids can meet each other and we can become family all over again and this is a wonderful feeling is having someone you really miss & loves very much.
Well, now that I have probably tired everyone out I will close this page for now until I have more News to tell.
Thank You!
For taking the time to read this about me.
May God Bless You All!

Written By:
Owner/Manager Pauline
of: "Gorjuss Girls" Group

I hope that through this Group of mine:
~Gorjuss Girls Group~
That you all enjoy it here as much as I do.....

And A Big Thank You to Everyone who helped me make this Group happen........
With all their works and times, I will always remember them for their help!
Thank You Very Much!
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Sunday, October 21, 2007
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