1:12 Tamiya Datsun 240ZG (LS-3) Custom

Ooops, yes.....another 240Z.
You may be thinking right now, this guy has something for these kits, right?
Well, yes I do. I love these cars with a passion....I just don't happen to own a real one. :-(

This latest offering from Tamiya has included, some of the vehicle specific parts as often found on real cars of the era.
The Watanabe style rims, a set of triple carburettors, a tower-brace, roll hoop, plus some neat photo-etch accessories.

Tamiya sure did their homework, though one can't help but wonder, why they did not research things more thoroughly..??
As an example, the "Wats" wheels...are gorgeous, BUT....still use the kit stock 175 tyres? I mean, really?
They went the extra mile and actually made the rims wider, and yes, when the tyres are fitted, they yield a "stretched" look.
This is ok with me, but surely a set of 16inch Watanabe rims with tyres from the JP Caterham (Yokohama-Advan?) would have been a much better choice, and maybe sold a few more kits for them. But that's just my opinion.

Kicking this off with a heart transplant. LS3 Chev small block from my good friend Ron Olsen.
Still plan to use the kit wheels, although they may see some alterations during the process. ;)

1:12 Tamiya Datsun 240ZG (turbo)

Detailed build of one of Mr. Tamiya's finest kits..
The 240Z was, and still is..a very "iconic" Japanese Sports car. The 240ZG is the race inspired road variant.
Added details will grow, and start with a custom set of Watanabe wheels and custom tyres.
Full custom exhaust system...
"Race" inspired gutted interior with full cage.
RB-26 GTR engine with 1 large single turbo conversion...

More updates will follow....slowly....

Wheel and tyre package available now....$65AUSD postage included (within Aus.), $85AUD Worldwide.
LIMITED stock available!

1:12 Revell 69 Camaro ZL-1 Street Machine...

This was to be a reasonably quick build, leaving the super-detail for the ZLX build....
But I took the time to add a few nice extras, typical of a 70's era street machine.

1:12 Baldwin Motion 1974 Corvette...

Detailed build up of my 1/12 scale Otaki 1978 Vette into a replica of a '74 Motion Vette.

1:12 scale TDR 69 Camaro ProMod

Well, work has begun on this one.
Probably one of the largest (not just scale) works I have ever contemplated..
The modern ProMod drag car fascinate me, the technology that goes into making a competitive race car is mind blowing.
This build will include almost 100% scratch-building, featuring a number of new 3D technology pieces, along with my own work.
NEW TDR Camaro body has arrived...
Stay tuned!

1:12 Tamiya Datsun 240ZG

"Stock" build up of a standard Fairlady 240ZG
Modifications will include the usual addition of bolts and nuts, to aid rigidity

1:12 MFH COBRA 427

1/12 scale "full detail" kit from Model Factory Hiro
Multi-media kit with resin, white metal, photo-etch, cloth and includes rubber tyres.

1:12 63 Corvette Promod (body by TDR Innovations)

Newly tooled 1:12 scale 3D printed body by TDR Innovations.
Always loved the 63 Promod Corvette, so it was an instant buy.
Stay tuned....

Room renovations...

Just a re-make of my old hobby room.
Everything (amazing how much you accumulate over 40 years...) was removed for a total paint job, new timber flooring went down as well. Fitted a new florescent light (first "proper" light in 30+ years) while we were at it. Sure beats working by desk light...
As things get back to normal, I will add some new photos.

1:16 70.5 Camaro ProMod (Flashpoint Motorsport)

Flashpoint Motorsport 1/16 70.5 Camaro "Extreme" ProMod.
Complete with BAE 572 Hemi, Lenco and multi-piece rear end.

1:12 Tamiya Datsun 240Z "Showroom" TOMITAKU version

Converting Tamiya Safari kit back to "showroom" spec.

Based on TOMITAKU road version with OS-Giken modified L24 motor
Stock non-flared body.
Stock interior from 240ZG
Watanabe style wheels
Custom front chin spoiler

1:12 Bandai 68 Corvette Sringray

Ultra rare kit from Bandai in 1/12th scale.
This kit is probably from around the early 80's, I am not sure when Bandai actually produced these, and there is no date mark to be found any where. This particular kit was still wrapped with the original shrink wrap, never opened.....
Until today.....

1:12 Hasegawa Efini RX-7

One of Hasegawa's entries into the large scale arena from quite a few years ago.
Detail is ok, though not up to the same standard as Tamiya from a similar time frame.
I shall be re-working several areas, mainly to the suspension, which even though small coil springs are provided, they serve no functionality...I hope to change that. :)
Plans are also to upgrade the motor to 20B spec. Plus some larger wheels. :)


Tweed Valley Modellers Club
Just a few photos from our recent North Coast Hobby Expo 2015. Held over the weekend of June 13th and 14th @ South Tweed Sports Club.
This, our third year hosting of this event, proceeds raised going towards goods for our local Hospital Children's Wards.
A good range and variety on display, rail layouts, wood crafting, cake making/decorating, scrap-booking, rug crafting, plus a good display from
Tweed Valley Modellers to boot. :) Including a couple of awesome 1:1 scale Dr. Who exhibits. :)

1:12 scale Revell 69 Camaro, Baldwin Motion ZLX-427 Phase 3 (replica)

Revell-Monogram 1/12 Chevrolet Camaro.

Re-started....March 25th 2015....
This is to be a replica of a 1969 Camaro,
a Baldwin Motion ZLX-427 Phase III

Most of what I had started, is now on the bench for a total re-make.
"Accurate" tunnel ram w/duel Holley Dominator carbs, modified chassis, BB-427..

(Update; a "NEW" BB-427 has arrived from Shapeways, thanks TDR.)

63 ProMod Vette

This is an old body leftover from my slot car racing days....It was in very bad shape from several nasty runs down my old strip.

I'll be fabricating a new chassis from .080 plastic rod and adding a monster motor.

1:25 Revell 70 'Cuda

Mild custom build up, featuring Speed Equipment reminiscent of what was available back in the day....

1:25 70-74 'Cuda. Jo-Han/Amt + assorted hybrid parts

70-74 'Cuda SH Cuda build-off entrant.
Old Jo-Han Sox & Martin Cuda

This detailed build is inspired by Frank Kokosza.
Link to Franks build @

1:25 Chevrolet Vega (K-Dog)

1973 Chev Vega
KDog resin casting.
Complete curbside resin kit, easily adapted to full detail, as the hood is cast as a seperate item.
Interior detail is good and the overall appearance of the body is very smooth..
The jury is out on this one....Pro-street is heard to be rumoured though....