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I am fully natural. I transitioned for a little over 13 months and bc'ed (or little c'ed) on December 18, 2010. I decided to go natural on February 4, 2010. My last relaxer was on November 13, 2009. I wore protective styles during my entire transition - 1 weave and lots of wigs. Until I was about 10 months post relaxer, I did not show my transitioning hair in public, but by then, everyone thought I was fully natural because I wore it in twist updos. I did this about 3 times.

I went natural for a lot of reasons:
1. Damage to my hair. I used to do nothing to my hair. I started to use a curling iron and flat iron (wihout much heat protection) and it broke down to the NG in the back. Then, I had a patch in the back on the right side that randomly broke off from a relaxer and grew back and broke off and grew back...for a while. Then, it grew and was fine. It was my problem spot, but I realized that adding heat and perming it every month for a while (erm, yes, I was guilty of that) and then, when it was doing well, going to a hairdresser that flatironed it every chance she got (even when I asked her not to) was not helping. When the patch had broken down to the NG again and had started to spread to the middle of my head and yet she relaxed that, no worries, I realized that Houston, we had a problem. And I thought it was just me and my lack of hair care so I switched hairdressers to do my relaxers going forward. My new hairdresser told me I would have to go short or I could do a protective style to rest it. Then, she asked me the question that I had considered just months before (but then had no real information or people to talk to about it): Have you ever thought about going natural?

And a lightbulb popped up. Like the kind in the cartoons. It wasn't too bright though b/c after discussing it with one of my colleagues who has locks and my sister who is hard body natural (and wears nothing but LF wigs), I still thought that I would get a relaxer, just cut it short and start over. Looking back, the problem was that I should have spoken with people who were more moderate in their opinions...not people who thought that relaxing was the devil or creamy crack.

I don't want to send a message with my hair. I just want to be me. Pretty, quirky, sexy, sophisticated me. See how I put pretty and sexy in there? Tee hee. I don't have to send any message about being a strong black queen or how the man isn't keeping me down anymore. Good for you if you want to do that with your hair. But mine will be used to accessorize my awesome. And splendid for you if want to relax, but I don't want stuff that hairdressers won't even touch with their bare hands seeping into my blood.

2. I just want healthy, full hair like I had when I was younger. So, you see my middle ground from the above.

3. I wanted to learn how to take care of my own hair instead of putting it in the hands of stylists who don't listen to you and who knows what sorts of products they use? I want to be more like my non-black friends who only show up at salons for cuts, trims, and colors. lol I don't want to color either. I'm good on the chemicals, man!

I made a promise that I would try to live a healthier life style, including exercise, eating habits, and I never thought about hair, but I recently realized that slapping chemicals on your head that seep into your body and blood is not the healthiest. For me. May be healthy for other folks though. Still, when you're entering challenges about how long you can stretch out a relaxer, I think you realize that relaxing may not be the best for you. I'm just saying.

It took me a while to get to this place in my life so yeah, I'm milking it.

I think my mother would be so proud of my decision. She was always my biggest fan.
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