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*updated Mar 2008*

My regimen changes all the time, I used to keep a log of some of the changes in my Journal. My hair is very fragile and the strands are thin so a big goal of mine is strength and thickness. I've learned some things that work best for me:

**Wash Regimen**
I've been developing this, I think I finally have it set...This takes 2-3 hours when I do the whole thing, which is about the same amt of time I would spend at the salon.

1. Pre-poo- I use Aubrey GPB to help maintain my moisture protein balance, and any oil I currently have. I leave it on overnight or for about 15-30 minutes, with or without heat. Sometimes I just use any old conditioner that II do not deep condition with (Paul Mitchell Detangler, CON conditioner)
2. Shampoo- I used to use Nexxus Therappe, now I've switched to CON Detangling Conditioning in the green bottle with the yellow top. Therappe is great but I need some detangling benefits.
3. ACV Rinse- Sometimes I do these. I really love these for strength, shine, detangling, and for how the conditioner takes better. I rinse out the shampoo with water, pour on some diluted Apple Cider Vinegar, and then, without rinsing with water, I apply the conditioner on top.
4. Condition or Deep Condition- My current favorites are the ORS Replinishing Paks and Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Treatment. My new moisturizing deep conditioner is Kenra MC. I use their poo when I use the conditioner.
5. Rollerset- After I deep condition I apply a small amt of Giovanni Direct leave in. I tried other leave ins and realized that this really works best on my hair. I then apply a small amount of Chi Silk Infusion, and then rollerset my hair using the Healthy Textures method. I sit under my Pibbs for about an hour on medium heat (this dryer is so fast!). Sometimes I hit my roots with the flat iron, using heat protectant. I used to try blowing my roots but I just cant do it. I add a bit of moisturizer to my hair and do a 10-15 min saran wrap treatment for smoothness. I used to use a table top Gold-N-Hot dryer but now I use a Pibbs and everything is faster and more comfortable! I pincurl or wrap at night.

**For Retention**
Texlaxing- My hair is so much stronger and thicker from not relaxing it bone straight. I used to use Phyto 2 (for about 8 months) but decided to switch back to Affirm.
Minimal heat- No more blowdrying (unless a quick hit after airdrying), use Maxiglide flat iron twice or less per month, airdry more, and NO MORE CURLING IRONS
Moisturizing- I use Elasta QP Recovery Oil Moisturizer-- love it!
Protective Styles- I used to keep my hair clipped up a lot, but I found that twisting it was causing my hair to break on one side. I have not mastered protective styling yet.
Minimal manipulation- Especially while wet!
No/minimal combing while dry- I try to only comb my hair while it has conditioner in it
No brushing- There used to be a ton of hairs in my brush; now I realize that I didn't even need to do all of that brushing!
Trims- I found a person I can trust to do this when necessary (about every 2-3 months). My hair is healthier because the ends don't get so tangled, and it keeps my hair thicker.
Less wrapping- I hate wrapping my hair because it thins out one side and I have to use a brush to do it. I only wrap a few days after I've just gotten a fresh relaxer and I want to wear it down for a bit.
Co-Washes- When I do my wash and go style, I usually just use conditioner
Oils- I like amla for my scalp. Also use Vatika and EVOO

**For Improved Growth**
Supplements- I have tried GNC UltraNourishair, Primrose/Flaxseed Oil Tablets, but I am not good at keeping up with my vitamins for long enough
MTG- I used this very consistently for a month this summer, and it worked great! Unfortunately, I'm too self-conscious about the smell to use it as often and so I no longer use it
Scalp Massages- I try to myself a daily scalp massage (about 10 min)
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