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Welcome to my Fotki

Welcome to my Fotki. This is where I keep all my images and graphics that I make or find that I enjoy or use on my Live Journal Layouts and websites. I also make Live Journal Icons for the public. If you like one of my icons please leave a comment in the comments section. You can also sign my guest book if you'd like. If your interested in website design please contact me @

Please visit my website @ ..Layouts, Website design Icons, Tutorials, The LJAddict clique and LJStickers.

My Live Journal name is . Feel free to visit. If your interested in a new webdesign or a layout for your journal you can contact me for prices or check out my public styes for free.


All images of celebrities and other art belongs to their respective owners. I do not claim them as my own just as something I enjoyed looking at. :)

Recent Graphic

Newest Icons

[Do Not Direct Link My Icons Please]

Recent Icons I made for DreamyIcons..Theme was lips.

Dita Von Teese Icons

Adults Only

PinupToons Bases

I made twenty eight bases..well their kinda bases. They have backgrounds and borders on them al they need is text and/or animation. I used some of his most recent toons which are all incredibly cute (as always).

My Communities and Links

~ A community for layout design help and conversation.
~ A "No Drama" icon community I started because I was sick of all the other icon nazi icon communities.
~ A community for all you redheads out there! A chance to celebrate your redhead!
~ My sex toy store. Fun stuff boys and girls!
~ A place where you can share your fav links or your websites. Tons of cool sites listed here already!
~ A huge database of all my graphics and pictures I've collected and made.