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Welcome to my Fotki

Welcome to my Fotki. This is where I keep all my images and graphics that I make or find that I enjoy or use on my Live Journal Layouts and websites. I also make Live Journal Icons for the public. If you like one of my icons please leave a comment in the comments section. You can also sign my guest book if you'd like. If your interested in website design please contact me @ ibdreamy@livejournal.com

Please visit my website @ DreamyStyles..Layouts, Website design Icons, Tutorials, The LJAddict clique and LJStickers.

D r e a m y S t y l e s..Layouts, Icons, Tutorials, LJAddict clique, LJStickers clique

My Live Journal name is Ibdreamy. Feel free to visit. If your interested in a new webdesign or a layout for your journal you can contact me for prices or check out my public styes for free.

Email me


All images of celebrities and other art belongs to their respective owners. I do not claim them as my own just as something I enjoyed looking at. :)

Recent Graphic

Newest Icons

[Do Not Direct Link My Icons Please]

Recent Icons I made for DreamyIcons..Theme was lips.

Dita Von Teese Icons

Adults Only

More Pinup Letters and Lil People Icons Here

PinupToons Bases

I made twenty eight pinuptoon.com bases..well their kinda bases. They have backgrounds and borders on them al they need is text and/or animation. I used some of his most recent toons which are all incredibly cute (as always).

More Pinuptoon Bases

My Communities and Links

LJ Styles ~ A community for layout design help and conversation.
DreamyIcons ~ A "No Drama" icon community I started because I was sick of all the other icon nazi icon communities.
DreamyRedheads ~ A community for all you redheads out there! A chance to celebrate your redhead!
My Sex Toys ~ My sex toy store. Fun stuff boys and girls!
Add a Link ~ A place where you can share your fav links or your websites. Tons of cool sites listed here already!
My Fotki ~ A huge database of all my graphics and pictures I've collected and made.