Kite Arch sails

Kites on my "autobiographical" arch. Each kite represents something important in one way or another in my life. People known, places traveled, books or movies enjoyed, activities with my kids -- most anything might be on here. A work in progress, and still growing -- there are currently 123 kites on the arch.

(Because the arch is made in sections, it might not be flying in the exact order depicted here, but kites near each other here will mostly be near each other when the arch is flown.)

My "Kite SHow"

Some of the kites I can toss in a bag and bring to an event (up to the baggage allowance!)

Sa Ðéc

A brick factory and the floating market.

The Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Prison

It is very hard to wrap your mind around what happened when the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia and began their genocide against damn near everybody. There is no hierarchy of genocide, but there is something uniquely unfathomable about a regime that kills everyone who wears glasses because they look like intellectuals, or who forceably evacuates everybody from entire cities to go be rice farmers but does not teach any of them how to grow rice, or who then prohibits picking fruit from trees in the jungle when people are starving.

Visiting the Killing Fields site at Choeung Ek and the torture center at Tuol Sleng was very difficult. I did not feel comfortable taking a lot of pictures, so there are few of them to share here, but I also understood the importance of bearing witness to what happened there, and to try and convey some sense of it onward.

It is striking to visit Cambodia and realize that all of the people I meet who are my age survived the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge. Most, stunningly,had no interest in exacting justice on the members of the regime (one of whom is now the head of government there!)

Some of these pictures may be disturbing. Hopefully, the lessons to be carried away here are worth a bit of disturbance,

Siem Reap, Cambodia, 3

Ta Prohm temple complex (the jungle-draped one as seen in Tomb Raider, the movie, except not by me because I didn't see the movie...) and Banteay Srei (the pink one!)

Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2

Angkor Thom (the one with the iconic faces) and the Night Market.

Day 3 -- Last round through Tokyo, including giant robots, puppet theater and a last chance to sort of see Fuji.

With a bit of an Earthquake in the morning, and typhoon remnants passing through at night, we skirt disaster and strike out for our last day in Japan. For now...

Day 2 -- Racing the Typhoon to Kamakura for ancient samurai temples and a hope to glimpse Mt. Fuji.

The storm did not arrive until late that night, and was mostly blown out by the time it got to Japan, but wind picked up all day and mist and clouds threatened to obscure Mt. Fuji during our closest visit.

Halloween 2014

Trans dimensional portal error release giant spiders and tentacle monster.