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Here's my TWA routine as of 8/4/11:
- Co-wash every other day with Trader Joe's Nourish Spa
- Shampoo at least every 2 weeks with Giovanni's Tea TreeTripleThreat or Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap
- Soak up water with my absorbant hair towel for about 2 minutes
- Apply Giovanni's Direct Leave In while it's still wet
- Apply Curls Creme Brule
- Apply Jojoba Oil
- Let air dry
- On days that I do not co-wash or shampoo, I rinse it and repeat the same process starting with the absorbant towel
-Every once and again to get the shed hair out (abotu every 2 weeks) I used the tangle tweezer on my hair like I guy would brush their hair and that's that.
-I don't brush or comb my hair at all, I finger comb it and smooth the ingredients in as well as I can and let it air dry
- I still sleep with a satin bonnet and/or a satin scarf on every night
- And I still rinse my hair with cool water after conditioning for max sheen

Here is my routine as of 11/30/10 (Longer Hair):

I dont really have a set routine but It goes a little something like this... (with much flexibility)

- I wash my hair once a week. I use Giovanni's 50/50 Balanced Conditioner.
- I try to deep condition twice a month with Coconut Milk, a bit of EVOO, jojoba oil and honey.(I've kinda been slacking in this department and have only been deep conditioning once a month but I hope to get back to taking care of my hair more)
- I use Aubrey's Honeysuckle Rose shampoo but only on my scalp.

Moisturizing and Styling Products:
- After I condition/wash or whatever I've done I put Giovanni's Direct Leave-In, coconut oil, and Shea Butter all over my hair then I style.
-Whenever my hair needs it (usually once or twice a week) I spritz my hair with my concoction of water as the base, a bit of evoo, Tea tree, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil and a small bit of Giovanni's 50/50 Balanced Conditioner
- I only use gel (Aloe Vera) to smooth my edges for puffs, only a dime size amount

Styling tools:
- I never use a comb well with the exception of parting (rattail), and a wide tooth comb for detangling in the shower.
- I rarely brush besides for creating ponytails. Oh and for the very rare detangle (Denman).
- My hands are my best friend! :0) I use to be able to detangle my hair in the shower with my hands now I try to detangle it before I get in the shower.

- I clip my ends whenever I feel it's needed. I have no set time when I do it.
- I sleep with a satin bonnet and/or a satin scarf on every night
- I add honey and EVOO to my conditioners, sometimes baking soda if it's a cheapy.
- I rinse my hair with cool water after conditioning for max sheen
- Generally I let my hair decide what style it wants to be in if you get what I'm saying. That's why I don’t really have a need for combs and brushes.
For example, If I had braids in and took them out, I could leave it as a braid out or do two French braids and then transition it to something like this

It looks like I blow dried it but by the time I took out the individual braids and the French braids it was pretty much straight.