Toon Time GS 001

This album is of a cartoon version of the Corvette Grandsport roadster as it raced at Sebring in 1966. The inspiration for this build was provided by Gary Kulchock's version of a coupe version. I enjoyed his so much that I had to have one of my own (seeing as he wouldn't sell his). Not to be a complete copycat, I did mine as a roadster. Gary provided the master for the wheel inserts and all the creative insperation that went into his.
This took a couple-a-hundred hours the same as his.
I bought a 69cent action figure as the basis for the driver and reclothed him in soaked tissue. I borrowed the mouth for the head but the rest is from scratch.
I did the artwork for the decals and printed them on a laser printer.
Most of the pictures speak for themselves.
Enjoy! I know I did.

Corvette Grand Sport

The progessive buildup of a 1/12th scale model of the Corvette Grand Sport as driven by Roger Penske in December 1963, Nassau, Bahamas.

Door Tutorial

The addition of the spare door with scratch built hinges

Scarab Mk-1

Scratch build process for a 1/12th scale replica

1969 Brawner Hawk

Build up of a 1/25th scale model of the Indy 500 winner. Scratch built front wheels, suspension and engine manifolds. Indycals decals and Firestone tires.

Lotus 98T

Modifications to the Tamiya kit to convert the 99T to a 98T