Soo yesterday i put a set of two strand twists in to start my loc journey. I hoping that withthe kind of hair i have that it will loc IMMEDIATELY lol but no seriously Im ready for the journey. The last time i wasnt sure but this time I feel sure and I am happy with the way the twists look starting out so stay tuned to see how it goes.

Hi People! I am currently entering my 3rd month natural, i have some micros in at the moment but since this is my first time getting micros with natural hair i am learning that they probably wont last long due to the texture of my hair. Oh well at least once i take the micros out i wont have to do anything but wash my hair and go LOL im loving it!

Hey People! Still on my naptural journey and loving every minute of it!

No more permed ends! 6/26/09

Okay so I am still in transition but getting really tired of looking at these permed ends. I am guessing that i wont really know what my hair likes and doesnt like until i cut the dead weight off. I cant believe that its taken me this long to even be intrigued by natural hair, I am loving ALL of the albums I have seen. Its amazing at the different textures and styles, all beautiful!! I will have pictures soon, i have been taking pictures of the style that i have been wearing to transition, I just have to upload them. The picture of me in my profile is of me and my sister who is already natural (one of my first inspirations) and i am on the left with kinky twists although you cant really see our hair lol.