Orchesis 2001-2003 (mostly)

Dance practices, Artists in District, Suave, New York, and other random pix

Irene's 27th Bday Celebration

Happy Birthday Renie!!! Wish you all the health and happiness in the world! Hope that all of your wildest dreams come true! Hope that you had a blast!

Congratulations on the new apartment! Gorgeous place with a beautiful view!

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BABY! I am soon excited and can't wait to meet your little bundle of joy : )

Dinner at Nacional 27 - great food

Katy's jacket lmao...one of the funniest moments ever!

Out at American Junkie...

Bicycle taxi!!! Awesome ride!

Mom & Dad's 35th Wedding Anniversary

C yubileem mamsik I papsik : )

Zhelaem vam vsevo vsevo...Mi vas ochen' lyubim!

Dinner at Cooper's Hawk - AMAZING Bloody Marys!!!

Alina's 27th B-Day @ El Barco

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALVINA!!! Wish you lots of health, happiness, love, luck, wealth and success in your future endeavors!

Getting ready at Alina's apartment

Dinner at El Barco - yummy food! Whole fish for Alina : )


Disclaimer: guests coming to dinner and not willing to pitch in for the bill should NOT come...just saying

Bert & Effie's Wedding

Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish you guys a lifetime of health and happiness!!!

Reception at Chevy Chase Country Club

Xander said an amazing toast :' )

Our 27th & Jordan's 29th Bday BBQ

BBQ in Irina & Jordan's backyard

Thanks Jerad for the best present x4! : )

Pics by me, Dyadya Misha and Ariella!

Great weather up until the end...just made it inside before the storm!

Then chilling inside, playing taboo!

Max & Olesea's Wedding

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEWLYWEDS!!! We wish you guys a lifetime of happiness and lots of luck on this new journey : )

Reception at La Mirage

Gorgeous bride! Made both of her wedding dresses!

Valery & Igor's Mexico Wedding

NOW JADE RIVIERA CANCUN, Cancun, Mexico (June 3rd - 10th)

DAY #1:
* Best airplane ride ever! Started the party right away with our personal DJ and mini alcohol bottles : ) --> almost got felony charges for having the mini bottles!
* Hanging out at the pool bar with everyone
* Welcome bags...why isn't there enough Listerine and way too many bandaids? LOL (Alka-seltzer definately came in handy thoughout the trip)
* Dinner at Asian restaurant, where everyone got bit up by mosquitos! Disco after, with DJ Kesh of course

DAY #2:
* Laying out at the beach ALL day! Beach stroll : )
* Discovered frozen Baileys and Kahlua, mmmmmm!
* Welcome Dinner!!!
* Hanging out at the lobby bar, then Disco after (TIMBEEEER). Vlad's Birthday celebration at midnight! (So glad the bartenderes were able to re-open the bar for a few shots : ) )

* Vlad's surprise Bday cake, champagne and breakfast
* Poor Irene with Strep AND Hand-Foot-Mouth Virus : (
* Getting our hair and make up did, getting dressed in the amazing suites : )
* Beautiful ceremony...except for the grandmas bickering lol. Almost got through it all without the rain (too bad it rained before we got to do pics : / ). It's okay, it's for good luck : )
* Awesome reception and DJ, what a great time! Even the photographer was blown away!

DAY #4:
* Laying around on the beach all day! Lemon drop pitcher anyone?
* Dinner, coffee place, hanging out at the lobby bar...relaxing evening

* XCARET Excursion park - Ziplining, ATV's, cave swimming, and rafting...so much fun!!! (with the exception of rafting lol)
* Group dinner
* going out in Cancun...after a little trouble picking a place, we settled on La Vaquita! Really hot but a great time! Interesting van ride lol

DAY #6:
* Laying out on the beach and chilling by the pool. The in-pool lounge chairs were wonderful!
* Trip to Playa Del Carmen: dinner at a quirky but yummy place (crazy owner with tricks and props lol), walk around downtown, partying at the Blue Parrot Club : ) AWESOME TIME, especially since we got the VIP area!
* Lost Melnik!!! Thank god for the bicycle taxi and the workers who helped us find him!

DAY #7: Last full day : /
* Chilling on the beach
* Vlad and Jordan surprised us with a romantic lunch : ))) Food that wasn't even on the menu! Irina ate fish, there is proof!
* Tappenyaki farewell dinner with everyone, so good!
* Hanging out and playing Charades, last trip to the Disco with our own vodka : )


Valery's Bridal Shower

~Bait Cafe~

Games, advice cards, bridal trivia...fun times!

Toilet paper wedding dress game was hilarious!!!

Opening presents with Igor : )

Valery's Bachelorette Party!!!

Leroy surprise!!!

Started out the day with getting our nails done at Elena's nails. Champagne, massage, Leroy...what more do you need? ; )

Getting ready at the Hyatt Hotel - nice room!

Dinner at Anna's Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar - yummy!
~Panty Guessing Game - lots of variety for Igor to choose from ; )

"One Last Fling" Male review show...didn't know what to expect but we had a great time!

Club hopping; Bachelorette Dare game was hilarious, good job Val for being a trooper and completing your dares : )

Ending the night hanging out in our hotel room

Faina's 29th Bday @ IO Urban Roofscape

Happy Birthday Fainachka! Wish you nothing but the best! Hope that you had a great Birthday!

Dinner and drinks. Awesome place!

Nick & Diana's Moving Away Party

We will miss you guys!!! Wish you lots of luck in your new adventures!!

Catching up on good old times (when Nick's hair was buuuzzed lol)

Flippy cup tournament!

Out on the town

Pre-gaming at Ruslan and Dima's

Then met up with the guys, went out to a few places, ended at Social 25??? Not sure...it got a little blurry half way through lol

Apparently I was a wingman at some point...oh boy

Masha's SURPRISE Baby Shower!

Congratulations Masha and Natasha! We are so excited for you guys : )

Masha was so surprised!!! "Don't scream too loud so she doesn't go into labor!" LOL

Awesome games, we had a great time!

Irina & Jordan's Housewarming!!!

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW PLACE! The house is amazing, we are all very happy for you guys!

All the space and the party still ends up being in the kitchen, as always LOL

Dyadya Misha: from the threats of not posing for pictures to the falling...not sure what to say...
His pictures turned out great though!

Doggie bags needed : )

Great time!!!

Igor's 31st Birthday

Happy Birthday Igor!!! Wish you nothing but the best and hope that all of your dreams and wishes come true!

Dinner at the house then out at Petergoff!

Buttery nipple shots...literally! LOL!!!

Free drinks! W still got it ; )

Weird seeing old friends...especially ones missing fingers...

New Years '13-'14

Thanks to our fearless leader Dima Roma for hosting! The anticipation leading up to the event was killing us and you didn't disappoint. It was a great night! I think we will all miss the FB posts LOL
(I still can't believe you fit that many people into your house!)

Thanks to all of the Committees for making it a night to remember...HOT, Transportation, Decorations, etc.

Thanks to David for providing amazing music. Best DJ!!! Can never have enough Ruki V Verh : )

Cupid Shuffle is always a hit!


Wonderful way to wrap up the year : )

I still don't understand how a person can walk out in someone else's coat and shoes!!! And not return them!!!

Anna's 25th Birthday @ Petergoff

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANECHKA!!! Wish you lots of health, happiness, and success in your future endeavors!

Good music, food, alcohol, people...Great time : )

Of course we always have to be the last people to leave!

Katy's 27th B-Day Gathering

Happy Biiirthday Girly! Wish you nothing but the best and hope that all of your dreams and wishes come true!

Get-together at Katy and Alex's

Ummm I don't think that...ahem...some people are allowed to play Taboo anymore...too competitive!!!

Ariella's 5th Birthday Party!

C Dnem Rozhdeniya Ariellachka!!! Zhelau tebe vsevo, vsevo : )

BBQ at Ira's backyard

Yuliya's 30th B-Day @ Versailles

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUL'KA!!! I wish you lots of health, happiness, success, love, luck, and more! Hope that you had a great night! XOXO

Charged: Party with intent to Celebrate!

Get-together at Irene and David's

Yummy jello shots!

Awesome music, food, dancing...always a great time!!!

Love the games HAHA (once we figure out how to play)

Stella's 27th B-day @ El Hefe

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARACHKA!!! Hope this year brings you lots of health, happiness and success! Hope you had a great time, cuz i sure did : )

Pre-gaming at Stella's place then out at El Hefe

Never wearing those shoes again to walk 10 blocks...sprained my pinky toe and almost broke my ankle...ouch

SHOOOOOTS for everyone!!!

*TIP: Make sure to ask what's in the bottle before they pour it into your mouth!

Max's 27th Birthday Party

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXY!!! Wish you nothing but the best! Hope you had a great time : )

Celebration at the party room on the rooftop! Awesome view!!!