Welcome dear visitor,

However you found my pictures on Fotki, how curious or indifferent you might be, whatever your interests are, whatever your expectations, now you are reading this text. Because you took the trouble and time to visit this site, now I have a chance to welcome you here.

So, now it's time for inviting you to view my albums. My albums consist of pictures I took myself (except for an odd couple of shots my friends gave to me), and, since I only recently use a digital camera, and I didn't digitize any of my analog pictures yet, the amount of pictures is still quite moderate. I'm not a professional, I don't use my camera every day, I don't produce huge series, I do not publish some outstanding masterpieces and work like mad on the next one. No, I didn't even publish my favourite kind of pictures, which are portraits expressing happiness or energy. Perhaps later. Now you can watch a bit of my town in the Netherlands, Deventer, a test-series for my former new camera (bridges), some hobby pictures and more. You'll see, hope you like it.

Please leave a message in my guestbook, if you like it, but also if you don't. Most interesting is why you do not like it, as long as there's some truth in it, I really can appreciate that.

Thanks for passing by, I wish you peace and all good, Hans