River Bend & Eastern Railroad

Enjoy a visit to River Bend, Mountain View and Brenlyn as you tour the HO-gauge railroad of John & Carolyn Underhill. This remarkable construction took almost 20 years to create and is set in 1965 in the midwest with the New York Central and Pennsylvania railroads connecting the towns. It's a marvelous trip into the past. And the detail is truly awesome. These photos cover over 13 years of recording this construction. If you’ve been here before, we have added several new photos. Now there are over 300 to enjoy.

2016 South Bend Region Banquet

The South Bend Region Annual Banquet is now history and here are the folks who attended and heard Erich Hueschele from SRT give us insights into the design process for the current Viper. Many well deserved trophies were handed out and it was a fun evening. Photos by Lloyd Loring and John Underhill.

KahnVention 17 August 2015

Just eight of us met at the Bucktown Tap for the 17th KahnVention. It was great to get together and share memories of the days gone by. After lunch we drove over to the plant to see if Jim Long's keys still worked. They didn't and the sign on the door suggests it may be reclaimed by the county for back taxes. There may b e more pix from Jim Long and Will Hayes that can be added later.

Street Survival August, 2015

24 more young drivers completed the Street Survival course and the roads should be safer as a result. Lots of practice on the test course, plus classroom instruction made for a good day of learning about driving. The instructors were all volunteers from the South Bend Region, SCCA as well as local BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi clubs, and Tire Rack employees. In addition UPS provided a tractor/trailer so that students could see for themselves what can be seen from the cab of the truck.

South Bend Region Tire Rack Street Survival

Over 20 young drivers enrolled in the Street Survival course and the roads should be safer as a result. Lots of practise on the test course, plus classroom instruction made for a good day of learning about driving. The instructors were all volunteers from the South Bend Region, SCCA as well as the BMW Car Club and area car enthusiasts. Don’t miss the photo (#85) of the air bag demonstration. The circled blob in the air is a full-sized pylon that had been sitting on the air bag. It soared high in the air along with the air bag. Powerful moment!

SBR 61st Annual Banquet

The South Bend Region, SCCA held its 61st annual banquet on 1/17 and had a great time remembering the past year. Winners were honored. Trophies were handed out. Delicious meals were eaten. Mary Shiloff from the Detroit Region (and an SCCA Worker of the Year) regaled us with her trip to see the vintage races at Goodwood in England. And, for some reason, no snow fell. An amazing evening to remember.

Tom Mittler’s Cars 2009

Tom Mittler invited the members of the South Bend Region, SCCA, and their guests, to see his collection of cars in Mishawaka, IN. Tom drove all of these cars and raced many of them in vintage car events. While Tom passed away in 2010, our memories of him and his cars are still strong.

La Porte County Historical Museum

Alice Slatton Campbell and I visited the La Porte County Historical Museum for a few hours and found a treasure trove of old stuff. Some great old cars, a ton of guns, toys, tools, household items from many past generations and even some model trains. It is 3 floors of memories. I had hoped to find some U.S. Slicing Machine meat sliders or perhaps a Rumely Oil-Pull steam tractor but missed them both. [sigh!] I only took my pocket point-and-shoot camera so the photo quality is limited, but you can get a hint of what we saw. Enjoy!

Hesston Steam Museum 2011

My friend Alice and I attended the 55th Annual Hesston Steam and Power Show and had a wonderful time getting up close to these marvelous old machines. We had a great train ride on the narrow-gauge railroad around their big site.The volunteers there are great folks.

SBR Karting Night 10/7/14

The annual SBR karting night was a big success. Despite a heavy rain shower just before the start, the weather then cooperated into the evening. 24 drivers found the going “interesting” as the track remained damp all evening. Cold hard tires meant both over and understeer, often in the same corner. After the event, most met at the 19th Hole for a snack and some schnapps. Failing light didn’t help photos but some turned out OK.

A trip to Holland (MI) and environs

Alice and I spent a few hours as tourists in Douglas, Saugatuck, and Holland, MI. Despite some rain showers, it was a pleasant trip including museums, the shore, and a Dutch garden with a big old windmill. Late fall, so no tulips to speak of.

SBR GingerMan Track Day

About 15 SBR members took to the track for a few laps at speed. Jeff Luckritz ran the show with the help of H.C. Colwell. It was perfect weather and a fun time for all.

KahnVention 16 is History

11 old E-V employees and two guests met at the Buckhorn Tap in Buchanan, MI to chat, talk about the good old days, and remember those who have passed. I also shot a few photos of the abandoned E-V plant on the way home. The Tap is a great spot with fine food and a pleasant atmosphere. In addition to Brad Baldwin, attendees included Carl Goy, Bob Herrold,Jon Kelly, Jim Long, Lloyd Loring, Len Menchinger, John Overley, Bob Pabst, Jim Tumbleson, Mark Tumbleson, and guests Will Hayes and Martha Kelly. Sadly the old E-V plant is still unoccupied and pretty seedy looking.

Street Survival August 16, 2014

Over 20 young drivers got a chance to test the limits of themselves and their cars at another Street Survival event at the Tire Rack at South Bend, IN. Volunteers from the BMW car club, Audi car club, UPS, the Tire Rack, and the South Bend Region, SCCA cooperated to help these young drivers learn the basics of car control. Demonstrations, including ABS braking, air bags, tire inflation, and truck driver visibility added to their first-hand knowledge of the art of driving. This is just one part of a nation-wide effort to improve driving safety.

Street Survival June 21, 2014

A great group of students visited the Tire Rack for both classroom and on-track lessons on safe driving. The program helps them to learn the limits of themselves and their cars. Instructors from the South Bend Region, SCCA and the BMWCCA volunteered their time. And UPS provided a truck and driver to give them a chance to see the world from a cab. Tire Rack provided rain on demand on their skid pad to add to the experience. Look at photos 3616 thru 3619 to see the power of the air bag in your steering wheel.

60th Annual SBR Banquet

75 members and friends met at the Blue Heron at Blackthorn to celebrate another year of fun with the South Bend Region, SCCA. Our guest speaker was Scott Goodyear who shared his thoughts about driving at Indy and Le Mans and around the world. Trophies and awards were presented and we had a fine meal with lots of (what else?) cream pies. A blanket of snow made it a true SBR banquet.

KahnVention 15

Just 10 ex-E-V folks met this year at the Riverfront Cafe in Niles, MI for KahnVention 15. We traded stories from the past and got up to date on recent history. Jim Long showed off a "new" V-1 Velocity microphone from long ago. Afterwards I drove past the plant in Buchanan and snapped a few shots of how it is fading away.

Wedding Bells in Wisconsin

Family and friends gathered in Fond du Lac to celebrate the marriage of Emily Mehlenbacher and Jacob Yadon. It was held outdoors and the weather was perfect. The ceremony was followed by a delicious dinner and dancing. Great fun and an important moment in two lives.

Street Survival at the Tire Rack

Students gathered from around the area for a day of driving their cars to a controlled limit on a very safe test track. Coaches helped them learn car control techniques that could save their lives. This was staged by the South Bend Region, SCCA with the cooperation of the BMWCCA, the Tire Rack, and with the help of UPS.

South Bend Region 59th Annual Banquet

Over 50 members and their guests gathered at the Blue Heron at Blackthorn for an evening of food, talk, and honors for the past year. The keynote speaker was Lloyd Loring who reminisced about the early days of the SCCA and showed a short film of the races at Road America in the fall of 1962. He also reviewed the GCR rules from 1953. Does your race car have a horn?

Thanksgiving 2011

A fine family gathering once again at Bill & Maureen's with great food and fellowship. A total of 22 made it this year mostly from Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin. On "black" Friday we also did the Chocolate Café followed by a tour of John Underhill's fantastic HO-gauge railroad, and then ended at Jessica & Alan's for leftovers and makeovers. Two days to help us get through the next year. Mmmm, mmmm, good!

Family Thanksgiving 2012

The annual gathering at the home of Bill Loring & Maureen Kennedy attracted 25 hungry family members and friends from both coasts. The next day most of us went to the National New York Central Railroad Museum in Elkhart, IN where a guided tour helped them recall the glory days of the railroad.

SBR 2012 Karting Event

SBR members took advantage of a club-sponsored kart event at Michiana Raceway Park near N. Liberty, IN. A total of 24 drivers created 12 two-man teams to compete in a 40-minute enduro. Winners were the team of Dave Gushwa and Brian Tack. Fastest lap was turned by Bill Loring. It ended almost in the dark and the gang then repaired to Bob's 19th Hole on US20 for food, drink, and fellowship. Great fun!

KahnVention 14 of 2012

We were one shy of 14 for our annual meeting, but it was great to see our fellow workers from Electro-Voice, Inc. of Buchanan, and Sevierville and wherever else. A pleasant lunch and good talk left all smiling. Jim Long sent me the last 7 photos starting with blank space on the E-V factory wall. As a special bonus several of us met George Riley at Plainwell, MI a week later and photos taken by Jim Long and his friend Will are included. Congratulations to Carl Goy who now knows the name of the game!

Street Survival in South Bend

Teen-aged students from around the midwest learned more about the limits of what they and their car can do - and not do - at the Tire Rack test track in South Bend. The driving school was run by volunteers from the South Bend Region, SCCA and attended by over 20 students. Assistance was provided by UPS, the BMW Car Club, and the Tire Rack. For more info, go to the SBR website at www.sbrscca.org

Brian is 12

After 4,386 days, Brian invited family, neighbors, friends, uncles, aunts and cats to celebrate his young life. We had pizza, vegan stuff, and lots of fun, including a Cailin cake that was delicious!

Street Survival is back in South Bend

I4 young drivers and their parents from around the Midwest gathered at the Tire Rack in South Bend, IN for a day of Street Survival. It is one of a series of courses in safe driving created by the BMW Car Club and presented by the South Bend Region, Sports Car Club of America and sponsored by Tire Rack. Despite rain, wind and cold, the students learned some of the basics of car control that tested their own personal limits and those of the family car, while operating in a safe, controlled environment. The program goes well beyond the limits of most driver ed courses, but is concentrated into a single day of both classroom and on-track instruction. These events are conducted throughout the year in many communities and can help the young driver better understand how to deal with emergencies while on the road.

SBR Road Rally April 2012

Thirteen cars and crews set out on a Destination Unknown SBR rally on April 15, touring SW Michigan from Elkhart, IN and stopping mid-course for several hours at the Gilmore Car Museum NE of Kalamazoo, MI. Other than occasional rain, no problems were encountered and all returned to the Villa Macri in Granger for a victory dinner. I've included some photos of the museum and its fabulous cars. Dennis and Patti Jennings were the winners, but there were no losers at this event. More photos can be found on William Loring's Facebook wall.

Three Decades of Shirts Off My Back!

Since 1954 I have been a member of the Sports Car Club of America. Most of that time I have been a member of the South Bend Region. Since the 70s I have worked with a number of regions primarily announcing solo events. I also was a race worker and announcer at other auto events. During this time I amassed a number of T-Shirts, some polo shirts and some jackets. I thought I would photograph them to amuse you. 119 garments are shown in this album. Dates on some photos are guesses, names indicate the region involved. It has been fun and I still can and do wear them all!

2012 Chicago Auto Show

On February 15, 2012 I took the South Shore train to my first Chicago Auto Show in over 50 years. I took my new little point & shoot camera and must apologize since some of the pictures are not first rate. I spent about 6 hours, most of it on my feet (ugh!) but had a great time. Lots of cars were of interest to sports car lovers, and even more that weren't too exciting to me (thus not in this album). And rode in a Toyota Prius-V that could parallel park itself! And tried Assistive Driving Technology from Continental Tire. I even took a virtual lap around Laguna Seca in the Mazda simulator. Fun! Enjoy.