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First, I would like to say, this is my second album. Check Out my first album, the first 6mos of my natural journey at fotki.com/LackTruth.
Secondly, I want to thank everyone in advance that comes to my page in leave comments. I can't always go to everyone's page in leave comments but I will surely try. I love looking at you guys pics!
Now alittle about me...
I decided to go natural back in October 2006. Had my last relaxer in September 2006 and BC(Big Chop) January 7, 2007.
I always had a thing for hair. When I was younger I wanted to style hair. I started cosmetology when I was in the 10th grade of High School. After I graduated from High school I decided I didn't want to style hair but become a hair doctor because I was tired of us black women losing our hair. I was tired of being the only race that couldn't seem to have long, healthy, beautiful hair. After taking a break from studying hair, I went back to cosmetology school. It was at this time I knew there had to be a better way to take care of our hair. I, myself started going through with my hair due to stress, among other things. That's when I started toying with the idea of going natural. After I went natural I decided that I didn't want to study cosmetolgy because I didn't want to give people relaxers anymore plus, they know nothing of black people's hair. I went on to study natural hair and have been ever since. One of my passions is still hair and helping others achieve what they desire. I will use this site for the little things that I know. I will update as much as possible, so please come by from time to time. I will have knowledge on hair and health (in my fotki journal). I believe both work together. This page is my New Year Resolution. I'm going to work hard to be as helpful as I can. You also can reach me at my email
I'm now ending but when you see my old Fotki it will be shared with my niece who also went natural this past year. So check her out and leave her comments as well, fotki.com/LackTruth.
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Thursday, June 21, 2007
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