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Well decison to go natural was not planned actually. I was having problems with my relaxed hair and it lead me to start doing research on how to get my hair healthier and make it grow. I was heartbroken in learning what the relaxer did to our precious hair, but at first I wasn't convinced to stop goal was to grow longer, healthier hair. On my journey, my hair DID grow and it DID get healthier. I began to go longer periods before retouching my relaxer because I learned that this was better for my hair, and began to "notice" my new grow. This is what helped my mind "get out of the box" and was the turning point for me. My hair was getting better, but getting worse at the same time. It was thinning out in the was getting longer , but thinner and I really DID NOT like that. So...all of a sudden I began to admire my new growth more and more and stopped straightening my hair during the times I needed a retouch and wore it curly. To make a long story short, I got tired of all the effort I was putting in to maintain the relaxer and thought "WHY AM I RELAXING MY HAIR IN THE FIRST PLACE?" That's what did it for me. I am now a little over a year ALL NATURAL BABY!!!!!! Best decision I've ever made. I didn't do the BC, I just gradually cut of the relaxed ends and I'M FREE NOW!!!
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Friday, October 5, 2007
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