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Have you ever felt the disappointment of not being able to fully connect with your child? How about the frustration of not being able to afford the therapy you know your child needs? When you look into your child’s eyes do YOU KNOW, just know, that if they had the opportunity to functionally communicate that life would be easier for him, for you, and for your family? Ok, what if there was a product that was extremely easy to use, affordable, empowering, and can produce immediate results?! The Challenge Pack 1.1 Learn to Talk does exactly this and more!

Challenge Autism offers a series of affordable products designed to support and enrich the lives of families of children diagnosed with autism and other developmental delays. Challenge Packs were created to turn everyday routines into everyday learning opportunities. Challenge Autism.com is designed to provide parents with an array of resources, not just a destination.
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Monday, August 9, 2010
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