This website is devoted mainly to my passion of cars and photography. I go to many car meets and events around the country and always have my camera handy to take pictures. some of the events i am attend include: 'The French Car Show', 'Performance Vauxhall Show', 'Trax' and many others. I have many sections that have pictures from nights out and days out that may interest some people and this shows what i get up to over a weekend. There is a section of the website that has some of my friends cars, this shows them in the process of being modified. Another interesting page is the favourite cars section, which has a selection of pictures and specifications of my favourite modified cars.
I own a Vauxhall Corsa and one section of the website is devoted to this and the many stages i have gone through to get it how i like it with 100s of pictures, with more being added all the time!