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She's a one-girl harem. Ten women would be hard to put it to match her virtuosity. Like a genie in a bottle, each time you summon her up an entirely different woman will appear to mystify, delight, beguile, and enchant you.
She can fix and hold the attention of almost any one, for she is a delight conversationalist, witty, provocative, charming. She is also a sympathetic listener who will become very interested in your problems. Tell her your ambitions, your desires, your fears and prepare yourself for answers. Some think it presumptuous to try and solve other people's problems by offering their solutions. Not Gemini, who loves to analyze situations, dissect motivations, offer advice.

She makes friends easily, but is not usually interested in a long-term, more demanding relationship. She will devote a great deal of time and attention to keeping her friends happy. Depend on her for the quick charming note, the timely telephone call, the apt compliment. She will wear her heart on her sleeve for any friend to see-but for none to possess.

She wants everyone to be like her, although she does not necessarily like everyone. Basically, she resents it if someone takes too much of her time or continues to burden her with a problem that she has already solved-to her satisfaction.

She continually seeks new outlets for her abundant energy and exuberance. She will go anywhere on a moment's notice without weighing the pros and cons, and she will often make important decisions on the same quicksilver basis. She tends to rely on her reflexes rather than her judgment.

She finds it rather hard to stick to one task because her interests are always straying to the next. Nothing fascinates her more than novelty. As a result, she often feels that she is disorganized. She vows to follow through one job from beginning to the end and may honestly try. She can't. As soon as she gets to the midway point, she begins champing at the bit, eager to turn down that undiscovered path that seems to promise so much more in a way of excitement.

Highly emotional, she can run through the gamut from A to Z in the same time that others travel from single emotion as it is to commit herself to a single lover, a single job, or a single plan.

A bewildering and complex woman, a gay and lovely comrade, a vivacious life-enhancer-she is also subject to dark moods of self-doubt, an absolute terror of the unknown. That's when she needs a strong shoulder to lean on.

Although she is warm and affectionate, there are many who regard her as a cold blooded. That's because she tends to rely on intelligence rather than emotions. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind. You must meet on her own high intellectual level.

Don't try to tie her down. She's a free spirit, not a bird for anyone's gilded cage. Nothing lifts her spirits more than to arrive at a place she likes or to leave one she doesn't. That applies to her relationships with people as well as places.

She demands mental compatibility in a sexual partner and will not be relegated to an inferior position. As a result, she tends to make a better career woman than housewife. If she chooses, she can do both jobs well. But if she's forced to do both, she will quickly rebel.

She is prone to become involved with many men, particularly in her youth. Usually she is not content to devote herself to remaking and rearranging the life and character and career of only one man.

She is also constantly changing and rearranging, redecorating, looking for a new place to live, trying new foods, new fad diets, new amusements-never quite content with the way things are. When not working on herself and her immediate surroundings, she will be working on her lover-trying to improve him. Perhaps this helps to explain why so many attractive Gemini women remain single. There is nothing she can't do about this trait, so her man must learn to put up with it. Change is part of her life pattern-the one she can't change!

She likes luxury and will try to attain it. That includes using her sex appeal. Because she is not so attached emotionally, it's easy for her to use sex as a weapon. And she has all the charm and imagination needed to make the weapon work for her.

In her relations with men, she often plays what appear to be a heartless game. But an abused lover is usually willing to forgive and forget-if she'll take him back.

Those who can keep up with her will find the experience most rewarding. After all, where else can you find a woman who makes your life half as interesting? She's entrancing, exasperating-and all woman.
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