Welcome to my photo archive! This was originally a feature of the moribund www.twincitiespage.com, and although that site has slid into ignominious desuetude, the photo collection has discovered a life of its own. You'll find thousands of photos of the Twin Cities (some better than others) and some other assorted Midwestern cities that I've visited. This is a free and personal collection; I pay a trite annual premium to ensure these photos remain on-line and available to the public.

Since this is a personal collection, I do use this site for academic uses, which includes the extemporaneous opening of new albums. All pictures in this collection, unless specifially noted, where taken by me and that includes scans. With exception to the Image Bank at the University of Minnesota (http://www.designcenter.umn.edu/imagebank/), I have NOT taken media from any internet sites.

I occasionally get inquiries about use of my photos. Here is the bottom line about photo use:

  • In ALL cases, my name (Chuck Roberts) must be credited with the photo.
  • Personal use is FREE.
  • Educational use is FREE.
  • Commercial use is handled on a case-by-case basis. Compensation depends on the exact use of the photo/s. Please E-mail me with a brief description of usage AND the photos you wish to use. I will need to double-check all requests because I do not have a legal right to sell or distribute rights for scanned material.

Thanks for coming!